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Dec 6, 2018
A gmod based YouTube channel. Now I love this server been with it for a bit and I feel that people don't get much word on/about the server. now if we make a channel this will allow word to get out and show how this community can and does stick out. Now why I'm suggesting it and not doing it is because my shit box can not handle the recording and playing of said game. Now new gmod players have issues with is starting up. Like picking a server, how to build a base, ect. Now what we can do is add the server name/link in the description and in the video..

Now the events. I personally liked the old Evox map mainly because of the one exist and one entrance. and the semitruck with trailer was great because you could get into the back. Now I feel like a fun event could be: You and your buddies are trying to escape the city but there are 1 or 2 police check points you have to pass. You can not be caught. there are many ways you guys can get out like a full on shoot out (cops must wait 30 sec to respawn and attack. Now if you die you are out of the event/ out of your group.(not cops tho)) another way is to hide/sneak by. you can do this by a fellow team m8 casing a issue at said check point. allowing you to slip by. to win you must hide out some where for 5 mins or more/less. prize is TBD.

Now the weapon system. I have nit been able to get on for a while so I don't know if this has changed at all but the old weapon system was fun and fair. but I can see the lack of weapons. (now im not 100% on why a large amount of the old weapons were removed. (Note this is from 2017 or 16 one of the two) was an issue and why it was changed but I think I might be a bit bise.

well I love the server even though i cant always join it but I hope this helps when I get a better system I myself will try the YouTube thing but till then I hope some one else picks it up,but in the end I don't want this server to die I want it to be revived. I hoped this helps and I will post some more suggestions later.
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