Your Kai In April Update

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Greetings people of the Republic! Now that we're swiftly approaching the anniversary of the servers creation its time to make a new update to shake things up a bit!
Due to amazing breakthroughs at Kai Industries and Unlimited Bird Works we have now got LFS AI for all republic ships! however due to a security breach the CIS have also got this AI for their Vulture and Tri fighters.
But to combat the now much more aggressive CIS forces we have outfitted the GAR with better quality weapons to prepare for getting nose dived and strafe run!

  • New weapons!
    • Nearly all regiments have received new weaponry for standard troopers, these weapons have identical / better stats than the previous
  • Luna's Flight School [LFS]!
    • New vehicles added which function completely differently to the old system. this changes these vehicles:
    • ARC Fighter
    • LAAT
    • Y Wing
    • V Wing
    • W Wing (NEW)
    • ETA 2
    • Delta 7
    • Vulture Droid
    • Tri Fighter
  • Torrent Troopers
    • Added the torrent trooper role which has similar stats to a 501st SGT
  • Mobility
    • If Drew doesn’t fuck it up, some weapons will have mobility modifiers which allow faster / slower movement
  • 41st Major
    • Added a 41st Major job role. This change isn’t major
  • Removed the 150MB weapon pack
  • Removed 2 rarely used maps
    • Rp_banakin_starwars
    • Coruscant Underworld
  • Purged heretics
  • Sacrificed virgins (Sorry CG)
  • Silenced DeathShadow

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Not open for further replies.