REJECTED Yegrinth's (yeg's) fleet application

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Aug 19, 2018
I am hereby DENYING this Current Application due too: Not enough effort being put into it.

Yegrinth you are a good person and obviously, a good potential Fleet member, However, this application doesn't have enough effort put into it. As Ellis said he wants to help you so maybe have a word with him. For now, you will be able to re-apply in 1 week

-Admiral Wulf Yularan (Scrumpy)
Megalovania begins to play
You are going to have a bad time
Now normally I don't comment on fleet apps which goes double for ones that have already been Denied but Yeg is a unique boyo so i will do it anyway.

In-Game Impression: He has done nothing to annoy me (yet... yet) but I haven't seen him alot either (probably because i ain't too active : P) however from what i have seen he isn't a pain to be around which is the best you can ask from anyone.

Application Review: Well you know the server with your playtime so that is good, age is ok with fleet it really should just focus on maturity, leadership and authority so as long as you have that you should be fine. OOC info is irrelevent sorry but it's true however glad to know you enjoy star wars playing a SWRP server : P (It answers the question though).

Why should we pick you for Fleet?
While it's true everyone should be given a chance that really doesn't make you stand out considering you just put Everyone in there, by that logic a cadet has similar chances to you for getting into fleet, Examples of you maintaining/running something here would of helped you too could of been a discord RP community for all it matters but it makes it more believable. (this is why fleet is restricted to 2LT+ even still it's better applying near CPT so you have some time on your hands)

Describe Roles and Responsibilities of Fleet:
Basically yes, Fleet fit the role of veteran COs so they should know how to lead and do it well.

Have you ever been demoted / kicked / banned, if yes why?
Well that's what you get : P.

Do you understand Fleet is a very respectable and disciplined rank?
Not much you can add here...

Any Commanding situations?
Some examples of situations of what happened while you were basically temp EXO of ghost would of helped you stand out in the eariler question

What can you offer for the Fleet?
While this is okay, I feel like there is nothing really unique for you, if you want an example of what I am looking for answer this question, What can you offer that Fleet doesn't already have?

Anything else:
And I am on sometimes when no one is on the server, this is just a general activity thing and there will be times when you aren't there and someone else is so : P

Now for the changes

With the changes you made you added in some more fancy words, a bit more about yourself, more examples of past commanding situations and gave yourself more of a unique pull which is all good if you had actually done this in the first place but since of course it was changed therefore I will void it.

Overall In-Game you are fine but the application leaves me a little unimpressed so I am Neutral on this.

There you are welcome Yeg, Proof of blackmail by Yeg below.

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 23.56.26.png

Oh sorry I almost forgot.
Yeg = Gay
Dec 7, 2018
England, East Anglia
All humans make mistakes, but mistakes don’t define people it’s how they deal with them that defines them. I have to +1 this, he is good guy that may have a bit of stubbornness to him but I feel he his a good RPer who deserves a shot. Best of luck to you William!

- Harry x
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