Yara's Staff Application

Dec 27, 2019
Basic Details
  • Username: Yara
  • Age: 16
  • Location/Timezone: UTC/GMT +1 hour (Amsterdam)
  • Are you/were you a mentor on our server? No
  • When did you join the server? around 2020/2021
  • Are you part of our Discord? Yara in discord (Yara#8232)
Your Experience
  • Have you Administered a Garry's Mod server before, if yes, do you have experience of ULX & DarkRP administrative tools?: I have been admin mutible times on different servers but i do not know how to use " ULX & DarkRP administrative tools"
  • If you have administered a server, what would you consider to be your most difficult situation?: People that try to get others in trouble by lying to get them in trouble for their actions
  • If you have never administered a Garry's Mod server before, have you administered any others (Besides your own)?: Onyx Roleplay,Prime Networks and some others but i can't remember their names because its been a long time
A bit more about you

My name is Yara i'm 16. I'm studing IT and trying to join the Dutch Royal Airforce later on when i finished my IT study. I like to help other people and support them. I started playing Gmod a long time ago i got around (7k hours into Gmod) i know most of the stuff that most servers have for example tools and commands. Most of my time on Gmod was on star wars RP servers i played alot on the Drew's SWRP server i played for a long time. Then i decided to try CCRP out and i enjoyed it and play on it pretty much daily because i don't have alot of different things to do.