REJECTED Wraths Fleet Application!

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Apr 15, 2018
Basic Info
  • Name: Wrath
  • Regiment: 41st / jedi
  • Current Rank: Jedi commander / LCPL
  • Age: 21
  • Playtime: 335 apparently
OOC Information
  • Do you have a microphone: Yes
  • Quick Summary about you: Well I love the DC community and have been with DC for a LONG time. I am a Canadian boy who has nothing better to do then play SWRP. I am nice when you get to know me :) I take my roles serious in RP. I am well known on both darkRP and SWRP :)
  • Are you currently Staff on any DC related server: Nope
IC Information
  • Why should we pick you for Fleet : Im VERY active. I will take being fleet seriously and I am a very dedicated person!. I have been in many high ranking roles on this server so I know what I am doing most of the time. I like to help out where I can and when I can.
  • Describe Roles and Responsibilities of Fleet: In my eyes the fleet are people who keep the ship in order! They will help regiments when needed and host the DBs. They keep everyone in check in events and make sure troopers are doing good in events. They tell the troopers what they can and cant use in events. At the end of events they host DB and after all that they tell each regiment what they did good and bad.
  • Have you ever been demoted / kicked / banned, if yes why: I was demoted from mace windu for having an attitude. I was banned for clicking my bind for exit when I was arrested. It was an honest mistake.
  • Do you understand Fleet is a very respectable and disciplined rank: Yes I understand that 100%. That's why I want to join the fleet. Fleet is a very disciplined role and I believe I would make a great fleet due to that. I have been in many ranks that have had a lot of discipline.
  • Any Commanding situations: I have been GM EXO, Shaak TI, Jedi Commander, Mace windu
  • What can you offer for the Fleet: I can offer my time and effort. I will be actively on daily. I will be loyal and disciplined. I can offer nothing but my respect for everyone. I can give you my word I will take fleet 100% seriously.
  • Anything else: There is nothing more I can add to be honest. I am excited to see all the feedback on my app :)
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Jul 5, 2018
London, U.K
As ex fleet for a short amount of time, I know a bad attitude isn’t a good fleet attribute.
And commanding a large battalion shares that, a bad attitude will reflect on how the troops see you.
Sadly I must -1
Aug 6, 2018
Neutral; don't know much about you or its been so long I've forgotten, and people change over time anyway
haven't forged my own opinion of you yet back on the server

and fleet is pretty active and getting fullish now too
Apr 15, 2018
I have been active on the server everyday o.o

But thanks for the feedback :)

I understand 100% vapour. But I can 100% that was only a one time thing and is never happen again.
That was the first time someone told me I had an attitude. To be honest mace windu had a little attitude in a way lmfao!

Edit: Easten I was mace windu lol We used to talk all the time when you were on jedi XD!
Aug 19, 2018
imma +1 this!

I have seen you a lot in game and feel you are a good fit for a fleet position. you take roles seriously and you are experienced in leadership.

Fleet Sub LT Fudge
May 11, 2018
Due to your lack of experience as a trooper this application will be denied. I would like to see you play as a trooper instead of a jedi so I can see how you act. If you still wish to join reapply once you've gained some trooper experience.
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