[wOS] Hologram Conversation System

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Dec 25, 2018
In-Game Name: Supreme General Undenied Reicher/Jedi High General Obi Wan Kenobi
Type of Suggestion: Addon (Consists of an entity, the hologram table, and a weapon, hologram transceiver, and I believe for it to work, all troops would need to have the weapon in their load out, like the inventory weapon)
Reason for Suggestion:

I believe that this system will allow people to have more roleplay scenarios/situations, especially Fleet, contacting troops across the ship to do small tasks such as Repairs, Arrests and other stuff.
  • It is a VERY small addon as it's only 0.006MBs
  • It adds more immersion and opportunities to roleplay
(I see no issues/bad things about this, I really don't. If you see a bad thing about it, put it in the replies below.)

Link to Suggestion:

Link to Demonstration Video (Incase the steam video doesn't work):
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Nov 30, 2015
It looks good, but I would just like to remind you even though the addon is small it has two required items. Which one of them is a proppack on above 200 props, the good thing is we already have this pack installed, but there's another required item there I don't know that much about. So on the next suggestions make sure you check out if the addon requires other addons.

I think the pop up required addon is irrelevant and we already got the proppack so this addon wouldn't be a problem.
Oct 15, 2019
+1 from me, I tried this out ages ago cause it looked amazing, during my testing there were a few bugs with, but they could of been fixed now or changed somehow, but it really is amazing you can contact when someone isn’t even at a table, it comes with holo devices to talk to without being at a table of what I saw last time I used it, would be great for RP convocations during battles and events, such as one persons set up in a camp and they want a battlefield report you can call them on their holo device and they could answer, goes with table to table as well and shows props and npcs and all that around it as well such as bodies and all that so you can see what’s right around them, this is a great idea, I don’t know if certain things are still with the add on but it is really good, 100% recommended to get.
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