Worker bees and TFA

Hello! So it's been a while since the last big update to CrewConflictRP. This current update has been in the works for a while and I would like to credit @Solid and @CCTV that has helped me a lot on this update and a thanks to those that helped with testing. There's a lot of changes in this update and it will change how you go about getting new weapons and you can even get specific weapon blueprints from certain things.

This is one of the bigger points with this update. Last time we used TFA it was on the base which was not designed for darkrp and the one StarWarsRP used was not an option because it didn't have attachments, but now we have a TFA base which has working attachments on a TFA base for darkrp. So why change from M9K to TFA
- TFA allows for customization and put your weapons in safety etc
- Nice UI on the screen
- It has the same weapons as M9K which makes it very easy to convert
- Optimization settings
And yes most of the guns are back which includes the ACR and Super Shotgun! I know many of you miss those and now they are back, these weapons are listed under "Tuned Weapons" and every tuned weapon neeeds an "Reactor Orb" to be crafted. Reactor Orbs can only be obtained through meth,weed,oil,grass mowing,pizza baking and beekeeping. You cannot get this through printing.

To any problems or balancing issues please refer to @Solid post:

Changes to blueprints and 3 new ways to get blueprints
There are now three more ways to get blueprints:
- Beekeeping
- Pizza baking
- Weed growing

And you no longer can do whatever you want to get whatever blueprint, first of all printers give every blueprint, but now other stuff gives specific weapon category blueprints.
- Oil gives sniper rifle blueprints
- Weed gives assault rifle blueprints
- Meth gives submachine gun blueprints
- Grass mowing gives shotgun blueprints
- Pizza gives pistols and lmg blueprints
All of these also has a chance of giving you reactor orb which you need in order to craft tuned weapons. Tuned weapons are customizeable good weapons. Also you have to sell for at least 200.000 to qualify for the chance to get the blueprint which is 25%.

Check out how to beekeep:

Also check out the new weed growing:

Battering ram and government loadout
Government has received cool new weapons and a new advanced battering ram. You can level up your battering ram and fading doors will no longer auto close when you battering ram them open.

New F4 order
The F4 menu has been cleaned up in more categories.

Job changes
- Sewer psycho changed to sewer monster and with a new model
- Swat has new models
- New models for master thief
- Changed model on tow truck driver
- Added staff of the month job, this is a thief job only for the staff of the month.

This will be updated:
- My scopes are blurred? You can change that in your TFA settings on Q -> Options -> Scopes/sights
- My scopes to the side? Fix this by going to Q -> Options -> Scopes/sights -> 3D Scope Quality and change it to Medium or the other options.
Where are the beekeeper npc?
- Outside the mine


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