WiltOS Update 2.0


Over the last few weeks, I have been working on an update for the WiltOS that we use on the server.

In this update, The overall amount of items that you can gain access to has gone from 189 to 459.

Crystals: I have added multiple new crystal types to the server which you will be able to find within the world via spawns. These crystal types are: Dark Saber, Pervasive, Pervasive Corrupted, Sawtooth, Swirl, Smithed, Mastered, Pulsed. Some of these crystals will have Dark Inner versions.
There are also named Crystals available to the Jedi. These are extremely rare and may only be given as a prize by Dan/Yoda.

Hilts: There are new hilts available to you, I have added the hilts from the SWTOR pack to the server. Most of these are available to you. However, there are a small few that are banned due to lore restrictions or them being prizes.

Spawn Rarity: The rarity of the items within WiltOS has been reviewed by myself, Dan and Bilbo and we have set out each rarity for each item.

New Character Station: You will notice that the Character Skill Machine has a new layout. It will take a while to get used to but it is a lot easier to use. However, I suggest that you do not access the Crafting Machine or the Skill Machine while having the saber equipped as this can, at times, break your game. (You would need to be respawned/killed to fix the issue).

Map Issues: The issues with the crafting machine on the Venator map Should be fixed. During testing, the staff team were able to access the crafting machine without issues.

I hope you enjoy the update.
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