Website Downtime

Hi All,
I'd like to apologise for the website being down over the past week.

Our previous host ( discovered a flaw in one of my old websites no longer used which was subsequently used to send spam.

After removing the script and removing the sites suspension we found that for some reason PHP and MySQL on the server weren't talking properly. After multiple, and repeated explanations to they have not been forthcoming with a solution. Meaning not only was this site down, but a number of ones used for various clients in my business.

This trouble continued for well over 7 business days which is unacceptable with repeatedly stating there was an issue with the code of the site. If that was the case, how did it work before?

Anyways, I took an exact copy of the site on the old server (which was supposedly broken), and its database. Moved it to a brand spanking new (and faster) VPS provided by 123-Reg and hey presto, we are up and running again.

Sorry for the trouble lads.