Weapon base change and new hud

CW 2.0 is back and its the weapon base we are gonna stick with now. I'm sorry it's been so much back and forth, but we finally have a good map now and a good weapon base. There are also new changes in this small update

Weapon base
The weapon base has been changed, but BUT DO NOT WORRY WE HAVE A CONVERTER SO YOUR WEAPONS WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY CONVERTED TO THE NEW WEAPON BASE. It is only your blueprints which I was not able to convert. You should no longer crash as often as you did, but if you still crash there are probably more things to be fixed. The old weapon base was one of the reasons, but there can still be more of course. I will continue my best to fix all of these problems and make the experience as smooth as possible.

New UI
The hud has also been changed, now you have a lot more screen space and we have removed useless stuff like seeing your playermodel etc to try to save some FPS on it. The idea here is to make the UI as light as possible. And it was about time to change to something else.

New keypad cracker
There is also a now deployable keypad cracker now, you can buy it from the black market dealer. The keypad cracker can be deployed on the keypads and takes 30 seconds to crack a keypad, after you have cracked it you will lose it. Defenders can for now not shoot the keypad crackers, we might change that depending on how this works out. I think the best option is to make the keypad crackers not take damage otherwise they will be easy to take out and not have any kind of impact really.

These guns are not that balanced yet, so if you guys got any feedback please let me know.

Thank you

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Jun 28, 2018
I used to have a m500 and it did change to the new m500. But my old one was a legendary pretty decent gun. But the new version is at least 4x slower normally I shot about 60 shots per second now maybe 20 if you time it perfectly. And it also change from normal recoil to the gun almost flying away. Idk it doesn't seem really fair
to other guns that did they normal or maybe got a bit better. But just like you said they aren't done yet. But I just want to let you know what I think of it. On the other hand I do like the hud smal and practical. Well done.
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