Add-ons Waypoints for air strikes and rendezvous

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Jul 23, 2020
So I was looking over the workshop for gmod when I came across a certain mod that is surprisingly small, but could give the players of our SWRP a new mechanic In game play. What I’m talking about is a waypoint system, used to tell troops where they should head, where enemy bases are if scouts are sent in ahead of time, and for things like air strikes from the LAATS. Well this mod I found is basically a pair of macro binoculars that allows one to place waypoints down, name the waypoints, zoom In and out like normal binoculars, and change the waypoints color, allowing fleet, and anyone else allowed to use them to mark targets for retrieval, air support, and rendezvous to a certain area that needs protecting. as An assed bonus from what I can see this would be friendly to our rp and also if one abuses their power of waypoints the admins can delete waypoints as they see fit, and non admins can only remove their own waypoints And not others.

the mod:


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Sep 26, 2018
I have seen this before, how would you propose the equipment be given out? Would it be given to every role as you can only see the waypoints through the binoculars.
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