ACCEPTED Unknown's Staff Application

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May 31, 2019
General Info

In game name: CG BG CPT TRM Unknown

Discord name and number: Unknown#8367

Proffered name: Unknown or Ryan

Age (Must be 16+, You may be asked to provide ID) 18

Timezone: EST/EDT


How many regiments are you apart of: 2 CG with the Sub division of BG and RC [Jedi as well]

Which Character do you play most: my CG role

How long you play during the week per day: depends on work and stuff on days of 5-6hrs maybe longer depending on IRL commitments. If I have work I try to come on when I get home to make sure I can help out the Reg and community.

How long you play during the weekend per day: Weekends is the same deal as weekdays depends on work. I try to come on everyday.

Previous Punishments

We can check these things so do not lie.

Any previous punishments on the SWRP server: I asked to get kicked by beanboi, due to the fact that I had work and didn't shut off my computer. I didn't want to be afk for so long and get levels as that would be unfair to the other players.

Any previous punishments on other DC servers: NO

About you

What makes you stand out from other Applicants: My resolve, during my time as a CG which I have been since I came on to this server, I have worked hard, doing what I could do to help CG grow. When i joined CG hit a low point and I tried my hardest to help out and rise CG numbers again. I started writing SIMs for CG, as well as give ideas to how to improve CG during meetings. I have the need to help others and I don't get discouraged easily.

Tell us about you: I’m 18yrs old, born in Germany and moved to Florida when I was 2. I have graduated high school this past year. This past week I finished the process and became an Eagle Scout within Boy Scouts. I found this server due to wanting to find a cool SWRP server and have been hooked on this server ever since.

Choose ONE personality trait that describes you the best: Charismatic

Why should we choose you over other Applicants: Due to the 10yrs+ that I have had with the boy scouts I have learned about leadership as well as being professional. I love this server and would give it my all to make this server even better. I want to help out in anyway I can to improve this server for the better so people can love the server like I love this server.


Have you ever been staff on a SWRP server: NO

If yes, What were your duties:

Have you ever been staff on a GMOD server: NO

If yes, What were your duties:

Have you ever been staff on an Online Community: I have been staff on different discord servers, mostly Esport Leagues and have learn a lot about respecting everyone and being professional.

If yes, What were your duties: I have been admin, moderators, and helpers on discord servers. My duties were to help out in cats to make sure nothing wrong was said along with giving roles to the people that needed them.


A player is requesting a staff member and you respond. They say a player has been ERPing through PMs and /me commands when close to them, how do you respond?
If the player has screenshots or can see in their console and send you those messages then I would, teleport to the player and freeze him talk to him about how this is a serious RP and we uphold these rules. I would give him a warning unfreeze him then let him go about his day.

You are playing with your friends during an event. You catch your friend and a CT both breaking rules and minging, what do you do?
Even though one of my friends is in question I would give them both the same punishment as they were both doing it. If they did so much minging that it warrants a kick or a ban, then so be it. No matter who it is you must remain professional at all times friend or someone you dislike, you have to warrant the punishment that they have down with no leeway to who it is.

A 212th Airborne is coming in to the Main Hangar Bay from the Jedi Temple and there happens to be a decent number of players in the Main Hangar Bay. The 212th comes in for a landing but, the 212th lands on top of the players by complete accident, what action needs to be taken here?
I would talk to the 212th and recommend him to announce his landing one more time before landing. To limit the causalities, however seeing how it was a complete accident and the CT could have been afk. I would only give him a verbal warning, because it does seem to be an accident, I would just tell him to be more careful next time, and try not to land on other players.


Do you understand that your application may not be successful and that asking about your application may result in instant denial: YES
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