UberMensch's Staff Application

Sep 26, 2018
General Info

In game name:
CG SSG ASO 2442 UberMensch

Discord name and number:

Proffered name:

Age (Must be 16+, You may be asked to provide ID):



How many regiments are you apart of:

Which Character do you play most: CG.

How long you play during the week per day: 2-3 hours.

How long you play during the weekend per day:
3-4 hours.

Previous Punishments

We can check these things so do not lie.

Any previous punishments on the SWRP server:
No I have not had any punishments on the SWRP server.

Any previous punishments on other DC servers:
No I have not had any punishments on other DC servers.

About you

What makes you stand out from other Applicants:
I am very hard working, I put my mind to my tasks and complete them within the deadline given. I also can bring a fresh perspective on the events and player experience.

Tell us about you:
I am from Wales, I am currently a college student I study: Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. Outside of college, I'm a kind hearted person that can brighten someone's day. My hobbies are playing games, taking my dog for a walk and my job as a barista.

Choose ONE personality trait that describes you the best:
Dedication would be my trait, when I am dedicated to something I put my mind to it 100%.

Why should we choose you over other Applicants: I am a very approachable person meaning if a member of the community or a visitor has a question, they wouldn't be intimidated to ask.


Have you ever been staff on a SWRP server:
No, but I have a basic knowledge of commands in gmod and I am willing to learn in order to help the community.

If yes, What were your duties:

Have you ever been staff on a GMOD server:
No but as I said I would love to learn to help to community.

If yes, What were your duties: N/A.

Have you ever been staff on an Online Community:
Yes, I was once a mod on a Minecraft server.

If yes, What were your duties:
I used to help people who needed help.


A player is requesting a staff member and you respond. They say a player has been ERPing through PMs and /me commands when close to them, how do you respond?:
First I would ask if he/she had video/photographic proof of this, If for some reason they couldn't find it, I would ask him/her to print screen the /me's and send them to me over discord. If I got any sort of proof, I would tell the transgressor, "I will be warning you for ERP, if you continue this course of action or don't stop harassing the victim I will take further action" If he doesn't stop then I would kick him for ERP, and if he rejoined and continued the ERP I would have to ban him.

You are playing with your friends during an event. You catch your friend and a CT both breaking rules and minging, what do you do?:
I would freeze them both and tell them what rules they are both breaking, depending on how severe the rule break is, I would either verbally warn them both or officially warn them, and tell them that if they do it again I will give them a more sever punishment such as a warn a, or kick. Also I would show no preferential treatment to my friend.

A 212th Airborne is coming in to the Main Hangar Bay from the Jedi Temple and there happens to be a decent number of players in the Main Hangar Bay. The 212th comes in for a landing but, the 212th lands on top of the players by complete accident, what action needs to be taken here?:
I would tell the pilot to be careful next time and make him apologise to the people that he VDM’d. Then I would keep an eye on him if he does it again mistake or not I would !warn him then tell his CO/AB EXO and recommend he gets removed from AB as he cannot fly.


Do you understand that your application may not be successful and that asking about your application may result in instant denial:
Yes I understand this.

This is a legal requirement. Applying when not 16 years of age or above by means of deception is considered fraudulent and is punishable to the maximum extent possible under UK Law. Your account may be terminated from Drew's Community both in-game on all servers and on the forums.


Oct 27, 2018
+1 I do believe you could expand a bit more on the minecraft server part. However you are quite active and i believe in that you would be a perfect admin.
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Green Bean

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Aug 13, 2018
It's gamer time!

About you:
1. Haven't seen you on much lately so don't know how much of a "fresh perspective" you'd be able to bring.
2. Science boi... don't know if I can trust you now. But yes you are very kind.
3. Dedication is good, but I've seen you between some regs (staying in them for a long time) which would say otherwise, but I'd say from your time in CG, you were pretty dedicated so yeah I'll take this one.
4. You are sort of approachable. You have come off as very helpful before, but also as very abrasive. However, I wouldn't say that this sets you apart. Take most players on the server who stick around, they are all approachable. Look at 501st Commander Aux for example.

1. No experience is fine.
2. Good that you've been staff on Minecraft server, but can you please elaborate on "I used to help people who needed help." Does that mean building, or with commands, or with questions?


1. Good that you mention using proof (wouldn't expect you to know about logs and such). Good that you mention giving a lighter punishment for a one-off offense and then going deep.
2. Good that you'd give both punishment. Good that you mention you'd give no preferential treatment to your friend, but wish you would have elaborated more on the idea of your friend possibly influencing the CT.

3. Still don't like this question sigh anyways, not sure how you would get them to apologize for VRDM if it wasn't intentional, and it's IC not really OOC so Staff can't do too much. Fine that the most punishment you give is a !warn. And telling his CO/EXO is a good move.

Overall +/- from me.
Sep 26, 2018
Thanks everyone for reading my application!

2. Good that you've been staff on Minecraft server, but can you please elaborate on "I used to help people who needed help." Does that mean building, or with commands, or with questions?
When i was a Minecraft Mod, I would mainly listen to player reports and act on them, I would give punishments i seen as fair for the severity of the rule break, which could be anything from a verbal warning to a perma-ban. I also would help anyone who needed any help with the rules of the server, command help, general Minecraft knowledge and anything else someone would need help with.

I hope this helps to show you that I have some sort of experience as a staff member!


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Mar 2, 2017
Germany or Portugal
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Next time please don't leave so many spaces between each point as it makes it a bit hard to read :)
Activity seems ok to me. We do not demand admins to be on 24/7 and we encourage them to have free time as well.
I noticed you never really administrated a server before, which ain't bad at all, that way we can teach you how to do stuff properly.
In regards to all the feedback you have been getting, everything seems fine for now. Are you still interested in the staff position?
Have nice day!
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