Transfer request from Shadow Company to CG

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Aug 7, 2018
Basic Information
  • In-Game Name: Alex (NOT ALEXWARE)
  • Discord Name: TheSaltyGaming#7081
  • Steam Profile:
  • Current Regiment and Rank: Shadow Company SGT (and RC SGM)
  • Regiment you want to transfer to CG
  • Date of last transfer: Aug 10, 2018
Transferal Information
  • Why do you want to transfer regiment: Been shadow company for a while now, and to prevent getting completely burned out from gmod, i would like to play a different regiment
  • How long have you been on the current regiment: Not sure to be honest. probably 2-4 months or something
  • Your current SWRP experience: It's great, but I'm getting a bit burned out
  • Regiment you plan to transfer experience*: Transferred from 91st to CG back in August of 2018. Used to be a K9 SGM in CG and It was a fantastic regiment. I had many great moments and some less great ones (10-15 minute talk from Eastenwolf about shield placement) , but overall, I had a great experience there, and many great CO's and EXO's (K9 > SEC (idc what blitz(or anyone else) says)
  • Did your XO / CO approve you: Yes, he did!
  • Do you accept the terms stated above and the ones the General's add: Yes
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