Top 10 Ways To Get Money/XP

Oct 3, 2017
Hello Everyone,New To The Server/IF Not Hi...
Its YouR Friendly Neighborhood Bill Cosby
Good Money/XP Is Needed To Have A Fun Day Or OVERPOWER'ED ONE!!!, Anyway I'm Gonna Help You
Lets Start
Start With The Ezist
Its Ok Every Time You Will Kill Someone He Can And Will Say That You Are Overpower'ed
But I Guess Everyone Got His Way To Do Things..
9-2nd Server(X4)<Ez>
Join And RP,Good Map Less Lag-LowPop Sometimes
Have Fun...
8-AFK Crew-Civ,(Normal)Low Out Come
Just Leave You Game....
Do It If you Want...
Low Out Come If Not In The 2nd Server
7-Afk Mine (Too Ez)
Find A Way LIKE Hold
bind Key +attack
In The Consle
**Ores +10000**
6-Havein A Crew (Bit Hard Lot Of Killing Sometimes..)
Make/Join A Crew Like Damn Its The Name Of The Server..
You Get 1-3Mil In 30-20Min (100000XP Or More)
Take Poles But If You is Takein IT From Someone He/She Can KIll You
Raids Mostle Happin If Your Base In The City Or Near A Taxi
Hide Your Base And Your Printers Thay Out Here Raiding Everybody....
4-Hobe Life(Normal) No Xp..):
Time,Time Is Key
Just Ask For Money Su*c Someone Off For It/Sing/Do Cool Stuff...
3-Mineing And Making Guns/Bp (Takes Time)
Use Printers Get BP And Make The Guns Or Just Sell The BP
EX>/advert Selling AR-15 BP-AK-47 And A Rare Tommy Gun PM Me For Offers -Make Your Own Advert
2-Bank Raid (Too Hard)
For Noobs At Last
Rob The Bank The Server Needs 2 Cops/Guards
Anyone Can Conter It Not Civ Jobs=FailRp
Lot Of Money..
1-Cosino$$$ (Hard/TakesTime-Money/NLR/Spawn)
Pure Luck
Some Weels Can Kill You/ Take Money From You
You Can Make A SpawnPoint F7(You Need To Own A Crew)
Max $$ IS-10Mil
The More Time You Play The More You Get You Need At Last 5-20Mil To Play For Long
Now Your Done Got A Lot oF Money And All Good To Go
Make Sure To Give Some To New Players And Hobos XD
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