Tokens and christmas update

It has been a while everyone, but here we are again with a new update. This is mainly the christmas update with the standard package, but we have added something new and something I think could be very interesting. I will explain more in depth.

Lets talk about the most important change first, which is tokens! you can now obtain tokens through a token printer which prints tokens. You can upgrade the printer to produce more and you can only get one unless you raid someone or buy it of someone else. These tokens you can either spend on !mstore or on permanet weapons from the token vendor. Yes you no longer have to craft and grind materials to craft a gun, you can go the other route by grinding tokens. The prices or items might change depending on what the community thinks.

Christmas stuff
We have gone to our downtown tits xmas map and added christmas printers and christmas jobs. I have also added snowballs for everyone so have fun! There arent much else to say, I hope everyone checks it out. The server is actually very good now, great weapons and many cool ways to get cash and weapons.

Hope we see some crews sparking up again, have fun!