Things to know when starting CCRP.

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Apr 13, 2018
The rules:
  1. All players must abide by the rules, if you need assistance with a rulebreaker or any other issue that requires an admin, use the !a command. The !A command will send your message privately to any connected admins. (E.g. in chat, "!a Xirii is breaking NLR."). Admins will not respond to requests via OOC chat.
  2. Any request must be properly formatted, "shouting" using All-Caps or poorly worded requests will be ignored, and may result in a kick if admins feel you are abusing the system.
  3. Before getting their rights admins are carefully vetted. If you see an admin breaching these rules or abusing their powers as an admin, report it immediately on this website. Evidential videos are reccomended.
  4. Admins have the final say if they believe you are in breach of these rules. They will try to be fair wherever possible, however if you have been permanently banned and wish to contest this ruling use the admin report system and we will discuss your case.
General Rules
  1. The use of Cheats, Hacks or Glitch exploitation is strictly prohibited. We operate a zero-tolerance policy to cheaters. You will be banned permanently.
  2. Excessive Killing is classed as RDM. (Random DeathMatching). You will be banned for a minimum of 1 Hour.
  3. If there is not a rule, do not assume it is allowed. Use common sense where possible.
  4. English must be used at all times in OOC.
  5. Racism, Discriminatory or Defamatory language used against players, admins or any member of the community will result in a permanent ban.
  6. This server abides by the NLR, a.k.a the New Life Rule
  7. Light use of swearing is permitted, both in text and on voice chat. Excessive swearing and abuse of players however will result in a kick/ban.
  8. You are allowed a maximum of two properties. The base building rules apply to all the properties you own. This means if both of your permitted fading doors and maze is at property one, property two cannot have any additional security measures besides the doors of the property.
  9. Mugging is permitted on Unranked Level 20 or higher, up to $1 Million ($1m) with a minimum "time to drop" of 20 seconds. Note that FearRP does not apply to this server, you may be killed during a mugging. There is a cooldown of 30m for every mugging (irrespective of it being a different player or not).
  10. Scamming people through any means is not allowed. If the materials scammed are not returned your account will be reset and issued with a one week ban minimum, or alternatively permanently banned depending on severity.
  11. We do not refund players for any reason. Including but not limited to flips, server crashes/restarts, player crashes/reconnections and more. Please see our refund policy here. Exceptions may be made for extenuating circumstances.
  12. Adverting Crossfire does not absolve you from RDM. RDM is RDM intentional or not, ensure you can actually aim. Enjoy your warn.
  13. Adverting warn 1, 2, 3 etc. when not a government official, on property not considered yours is prohibited. Nobody cares if they are micspamming, annoying you or following you around - make an admin report. You cannot legitimise killing someone for no reason. Enjoy your ban.
  14. The use of an alternative (alt) accounts is prohibited on any and all servers. Exclusions apply.
  15. You may use an alt account in the event:
    • Your main account is suspended from play due to a permanent or temporary ban. (Except in the case of permanent expulsion, where all accounts are banned regardless.)
    • You wish to use another account instead of your main account - these cannot be used at the same time.
    • Your main account is suffering from technical or database issues rendering your main account unable to play.
  16. All alt accounts will be banned permanently and immediately without warning.
  17. Banned alt accounts affect the reputation of the main account and may result in permanent expulsion from the community.
Prop Rules
Our server allows you to build and enhance your properties with props. With this power comes a little more responsibility...
  1. Prop Killing, Prop Pushing or any other malicious interaction with a prop and player is not allowed.
  2. Prop climbing, surfing or any other method of using a prop to transport yourself or another player is prohibited.
  3. Blocking with props to prevent access, or as a shield against bullets is not allowed.
  4. Anti-Spam is enabled on this server. Prop spamming will result in greater delays on being able to spawn props. Spamming can result in a kick leading to a permanent ban depending on the severity.
Building Rules
You can increase the security of your dwelling by using props to construct raid countermeasures. These can be mazes or simply just adding a few fading doors. We have some rules on base construction to ensure a fair play experience for everyone.
  1. Your base must have an entrance
  2. You cannot hide it, make it clear this is the way in.
  3. You can have three fading doors. When raided, these doors need to stay open until the raid has finished.
  4. You can have two keypads. Do not hide them, do not keep them far away from the door.
  5. If you have made two keypads, you must use buttons instead.
  6. Fake keypads, doors, buttons and traps designed to confuse and block players are not allowed.
  7. Your base needs to allow players to leave at any time.
  8. You cannot force people to crouch or surf in your base entrance or maze.
  9. Don’t use an excessive number of obstacles in your entrance.
  10. Don’t make large, multi-level mazes or entrances.
  11. If you have a roof or skybase make sure there is an easy way to get to your entrance. This path cannot be blocked, and you cannot attack those using it regardless of any signs or warnings you give.
  12. You cannot use a lift (built by you or part of the map) in your entrance.
  13. Don’t build on areas you do not own.
  14. Don’t build on areas considered government property (Middle of the lake on evocity, Nexus etc.)
  15. Don’t block resources for mining, dealers etc. on the map.
  16. If you are building a skybase, make it look realistic. Use pillars to make it look supported.
  17. If you are building a skybase, you cannot shoot players off your property.
  18. Kill lines, and using rope to outline your base is not allowed. You cannot build further than the property you bought.
  19. Don’t build underwater
  20. Don’t build using PHX tunnel props in your entrance.
  21. Don’t use one-way props you can shoot through.
  22. Don't build bases that blackout, obscure, make it hard to see or use combinations of colours or textures that impede vision/make it hard to see, especially when combined with certain player models.
  23. Don't build bases that take advantage of angles, visibility, player height, player models, etc.
  24. Large roof bases, sky bases or bases with external panelling that have no consideration for design aesthetic or an ability to blend in with the surrounding environment are prohibited. This applies to all servers, however in server 2 bases of this type are only allowed on flatgrass.
  25. Your base needs to be equal. This means it needs to be the same difficulty to defend as it is to raid. This means the visibility needs to be the same for both players. Management have the final say on whether your base is fair or not but admins should be able to make a fair appraisal and have the final say on a base without question.
  26. UPDATED: Your base must be raidable. Bases that exploit particular class weapons (e.g. Sewer Psycho blades) enabling defenders to take little to no damage are considered unraidable.
If admins feel your base doesn’t meet these rules they have the right to remove the props that don’t work, or the entire base. While not forced to, they may discuss why your base was not allowed after dealing with the issue.

Grenade Rules
  1. Grenades can only be used to defend and attack in raids, including government raids and terrorist events like bank takeovers.
  2. Grenades cannot be used in public, use outside of the above situations will be classed as RDM/Harassment depending on the grenade thrown.
    • EXCEPTION: Throwing any Grenade at an admin while in a sit, assisting another player etc. is punishable by a minimum one-week ban.
    • EXCEPTION: You may freely throw healing grenades in public as these have no adverse effects.
  3. If you are caught in a grenades effects during a police operation, raid or terrorist event any damage or death incurred is your own responsibilty and not that of the thrower of the grenade.

Crews Rules
  1. You are not permitted to have an offensive name or icon for any crew.
  2. Only classes that can cap poles are allowed to. Interfering in a capture and you are not a class capable may result in you being shot.
  3. Crews may take over any pole they wish at any time.
  4. You may engage in attack or defence of a pole provided there is an active capture taking place.
  5. Unless someone is actively engaged with a weapon drawn near your pole, you may not return fire.
  6. You can take over a capture of a pole that you do not own, that is not being captured by someone else. E.g. Crew A owns the pole, Crew B is currently capturing and Crew C wishes to have it.
    • Crew C may engage, attack both Crew A and B however must capture the pole they attacked. Failure to attempt to capture a pole will be considered MassRDM with a minimum 2 day ban. Starting a capture and stopping mid-way does not count.
  7. You cannot defend a pole from across the map, you cannot snipe people off a pole, poles are close-quarters combat only. Returning to a pole capture after death is NLR even if you stay outside the dome and shoot in.
  8. Capturing a pole post-mortem (dead) is prohibited. You are dead. You physically cannot capture it, also NLR applies.
  9. NEW: Crew XP printer rules
    • A crew can only buy a maximum of 2 XP printers at any time.
    • You cannot sell, buy or trade XP printers to get more, you can only raid rival crews for them.
    • Pocketing printers, duplicating printers come under our standard duplication and exploitation rules.

Job Rules
  1. Job abuse is prohibited. Exchanging weapons between jobs using /drop, switching jobs excessively and not abiding by the role is classed as abuse and will be dealt with accordingly.
  2. Some jobs have specific rules and requirements, these are listed below.
  3. When /adverting any condition, including /advert raid, over hit accepted etc. they must show clear intent. This means you cannot combine adverts with stupid before/after text "You're fucked now RAID", or confuse the meaning by combining multiple adverts in a single bind "Raid/Over/Counter" etc. If your adverts are not up-to-par, they will result in a warn.
Dealers, Medics and other suppliers
  1. If your job involves the sale of shipments, goods and products to other players you must have a means to sell them. This means you need a shop.
  2. You cannot base with a group, or sell goods to them exclusively. You can however store your printers and visit the base in order to collect from them. These visits cannot include any exchange of goods, and cannot exceed a total of 5 minutes.
  3. If you are caught within a raid of that base you are permitted to engage in order to assist. Upon death, NLR applies.
  4. Self Supply is the process of giving yourself weapons, shipments or gaining other items from a class you did not originally belong to. Ie. you switched to obtain those items. This is strictly prohibited in all cases. If you change jobs you cannot keep your weapons. If there is no dealer available you must wait until one is available. (Exclusions apply, see below)
  5. You are excluded from self supply rules if:
    1. You are demonstrating your wares/goods or defending your store as a gun dealer
    2. You are the ONLY black market dealer in order to obtain printer goods (Armour is prohibited from self-supply).
Terrorist Role
  1. Terrorists cannot set fire to private property using the molotov or any other method of creating fire. This will be dealt with as job abuse
  2. Terrorists must /advert Terror before killing any Government employees. You are restricted to calling Terror every 30 minutes, and can kill up to 5 employees in one terror session (including the same employee) or until a time limit of 3 minutes is reached, whichever is sooner.
  3. Terrorists are restricted to the killing of Government employees only. All other deaths are subject to RDM rules unless they engaged you first with a weapon. Cops are free to KoS/AoS you at any time.
  4. The killing of Fire Fighters when dealing with a fire of your creation is not permitted unless they engage you first with a weapon. This will be dealt with as a case of RDM if broken.
  5. Terrorists may raid, capture and control 'public/government property' only. Provided it does not interfere or alter gameplay for those not invovled (Non-Government). Suitable scenarios for example can include a bank takeover situation against law enforcement.
  6. Terrorists may base, but only with players who are also terrorists. You may money print but cannot raid to acquire more printers.
  7. If an admin believes you are killing players excessively - you will be kicked/banned without warning. KoS/AoS in moderation.
Cops, Mayor and other 'authorities'
  1. When working for the city, all alliances with crews, gangs or any criminal activity ceases. You cannot participate in these activities. Doing so can lose you your job!
  2. When arresting someone you must use /wanted or /warrant in the case of base searches. You have to give a proper reason for arresting someone. (e.g. "Illegal", or "Same" aren't good enough). Improper reasons will be classed as an illegitimate arrest.
  3. If you continue to arrest without reason it will be classed as job abuse. You may be demoted, kicked or banned depending on the severity and the amount of warning you have been given.
  4. Unless a Mayor is present, the default law defined here applies at all times. Mayors can only build laws and use laws in line with this guide. Laws deemed not suitable with this guide may result in an instant demotion.
  5. Ignoring crime is possible, you can also let your friends off if you wish but remember this is at risk of your career as a cop.
  6. Arresting criminals traps them in the prison cells near the main courtyard. Ensure these are locked and secure before going out on duty.
  7. You can only deploy a vehicle stinger with a valid reason or to assist with a capture of a criminal. Random deployments will be seen as job abuse. Ensure the player has a warrant before use.
  8. The Mayor cannot issue laws that breach any portion of these rules. Doing so will result in a demotion/kick.
  9. Going AFK as a Cop, Mayor or other government official will result in demotion.
  10. Government officials, except Homeland Security are not allowed to gamble. You are already paid via the bank vault.
Jobs which supply a service (Assassin, Security Guard, Builder etc.)
  1. You are permitted to base with and assist in raids for your employers. This excludes the Assassin, however Dealers, Medics and other suppliers rule #2 applies.
  2. Assassins and Security Guards must have a valid contract with an employer before executing/killing anyone. You are expected to abide by RDM rules, NLR rules and the law as set by the Mayor/CPs. If you are killed during the execution of a contract, it is no longer valid. NLR Applies.
  3. Builders can be hired to build and develop your properties, anything they build must comply with the building rules. Hiring a builder does not double the amount of doors you are permitted, however can contribute to an increase in prop allowances.
  4. You cannot base as a banker, you may own a house however the majority of your RP time must be spent at the bank. You will be demoted & warned accordingly.
  5. You cannot AFK as a banker. You will be demoted & warned.
  6. Service jobs cannot be used for organisation situations, or to capture poles.
Raiding Rules
  1. You cannot raid anyone under level 30 unless you are under level 30 yourself or are a member of law enforcement or other legal authority.
  2. Raids cannot exceed 10 minutes. You cannot raid the same person within 30 minutes.
  3. If you have died in a raid as an attacker or defender, you cannot return to that raid. NLR applies.
  4. Once a raid has begun, you cannot change class
  5. Dealers, Medics and other suppliers can be hired to help you with your raid before or after the raid has occured. They cannot assist you during the raid. Self-Supplying these goods via changing classes during a raid is strictly prohibited.
  6. Defenders cannot block or obstruct raiders further than the base building rules permit. This is classed as prop blocking.
  7. You cannot close any door, including those used as windows during a raid once opened. If the raid is successful (ie. all defenders have died) you cannot close the doors until the attackers have collected their spoils and left your premises.
  8. As an attacker, If you have left the base after a successful attack you cannot return. Ensure that before the raid you have sufficient capacity in your pocket to claim any items/printers they may have.
  9. As a defender, If you have killed all the remaining attackers you may close your base doors immediately.
  10. You must use /advert before conducting a raid. If a raid has been completed or retreated from, use /advert to make the base owner and other players and admins aware.
  11. The use of explosive ammo during a raid is prohibited. This includes using it to kill players, gain access to a base and to climb and scale buildings.
  12. You can only /advert PD Raid provided there is someone you wish to free from jail, gain access to the vault or execute someone as the assassin. PD Raids started to engage a battle between non-terrorist roles and the police are prohibited.
NEW: Kidnapping Rules
  1. Kidnapping is permitted provided you have the proper restraints. You need to be in a secluded area where nobody else can see you or your victim.
  2. The victim cannot be AFK and you can only kidnap your victims once every 30 minutes regardless of it being the same person or not.
  3. You can only hold your victims for a maximum of 15 minutes, until the kidnapper wants to change their job, they die or your terms of release have been met.
    • Victims who kill themselves via console, disconnect or change job is not allowed and considered FailRP. You will be kicked banned or both depending on the situation.
    • Kidnappers who kill themselves via console, disconnect, change jobs or abandon their victim is also considered FailRP. You will be kicked banned or both depending on the situation.
  4. Remember, FearRP is not enforced on this server, if your victim is armed they may shoot and kill you. You have been warned.
  5. Kidnapping is designed for terrorist hostage situations, in a "terrorist incident" you may be held longer than the 15 minutes provided there is an active involvement between the authorities and the terrorists for your release whether that is fighting, negotiation or otherwise.
NLR: New Life Rule
  • When you die, your immediate past life, everything is forgotten.
  • You cannot remember who killed you or where you died*. Anything you lost when you died is lost forever.
  • *You cannot return to the area of your death until 2 minutes has elapsed. The effects of NLR however are permanent, you will never remember. If you return within this time and the player(s) who originally killed you are still present they are technically are free to kill you again. Revenge killing is not permitted.
  • The three minute rule does not renew if you keep returning to the same area. This is to ensure players cannot camp and just keep killing you, which is RDM. Once that three minutes has expired for an area you are free to return.
"Fear RP" Concept & Rules
  • Fear RP, its use, concept and any implied rules do not apply to this server. It's use is strictly prohibited throughout and any enforcement of it on this server by any player will result in an immediate permanent ban depending on severity
  • Fear RP is defined as: "Fear RP, if someone is pointing a gun at you, you are not allowed to take out a weapon or run away. You are not allowed to tase people with guns pointed at you. You need to fear the gun. After you get shot/shot at by the person keeping you under gunpoint, you are allowed to try run away to save yourself."
  • Fear RP defies how a real person would react to a situation. Take the example of a vehicle robbery, two players hold another up because they want that persons vehicle. The robbers are on foot, and themselves do not have a car. Your initial reaction, of course is to drive off. "Screw those guys", right?. Fear RP would mean that person could not leave their vehicle, and they have to be robbed. It's simply stupid. The robbers of course could try to use force by using a weapon on the vehicle owner, that's fine, and within the rules. You cannot simply prevent a person from reacting to that situation, it makes no sense.
  • Another example would be that someone pulls a weapon on you, now you can react in a multitude of ways. You are free to fear the weapon if you have nothing to fight back with, but you are also free to draw your own on them in order to protect yourself. Fear RP rules also prevent this, which again contravenes how a real person would react, especially Thief on Cop situations. Why would a cop fear a thief's weapon? Fear RP is a useless rule, does not respect the "real-life" situation and therefore does not apply to this server.
Vehicle Rules
  • Killing with a car is prohibited at all times. This applies even if the player was standing in the road, or they are shooting at you. Kills using a motor vehicle will be dealt with as RDM
  • You are to drive on the left where possible, obeying all road signs placed by administrators or markings if present on the map
  • If your car has been stolen, tough. You are free to buy another or try to get it back. Admins/Mods are not responsible for thefts of motor vehicles.
  • Mass destruction of vehicles without reason will result in a kick/ban. Individual cases will be dealt with at the admin's discretion.
  • If your vehicle is stuck or destroyed do not call an admin. We are not responsible. Destroy the vehicle (if it isn't already) and wait for it to be removed automatically (5-10mins) to respawn it from the car dealer.
Trading, Selling & Licencing Rules

  • The scamming of players on our server is prohibited. You will be fully reset, and/or permanently banned on all services.
  • The sale & trade of ranks, weaponry and other content outside of the game is prohibited unless you are a 3rd Party Approved Reseller.
    • Drew's Community officially sells ranks, in-game currency and more through via PayPal & Credit/Debit Card only.
    • Alternative payment methods are officially offered by our approved 3rd Party Resellers only.
    • Approved resellers can be found on the forums, they have a special banner applied to their account.
    • DC is not responsible or liable for any losses monetary or otherwise for transactions organised outside of our Server(s), Forums or the Discord with anyone who is not an approved reseller.
    • Impersonating an approved reseller will result in complete, permanent expulsion from the community.
    • To request 3rd Party Approved Reseller status, contact Xirii. Fees may apply.
  • Content Ownership & Licencing
    • Drew's Community, DC, offer you on connecting to our services a licence to our content. (Including but not limited to play, acquire weapons, acquire in-game currency and ranks to trade and/or use on our servers.)
    • You do not own any component of DC. Any Item, Currency, Rank, Counterpart or Content remains the property of Drew's Community. You simply have a licence to use the content, even when purchased through an approved reseller.
    • The use and trade of content and their licences outside the scope of DC without express permission from Us or through official means is considered violation of copyright and theft of our intellectual property.
    • Content produced by you on DC limited to Screenshots, Images, Audio and Video recordings retain ownership by you. There are no limitations on reproduction or distribution of this content.
    • Scripts, Content and 3rd Party Addons that have their own licencing structure exist outside of this licencing scope.
    • For all intents and purposes our server rules act as our EULA, or End User Licence Agreement. Violation of our licence terms may result in a kick or ban including licences to our content being revoked.
  • End-User 3rd Party Reseller Terms & Conditions
    • These terms, our normal VIP/Premium terms & the resellers terms and conditions apply in every transaction
    • The approved reseller is qualified to sell services on behalf of DC for any value they specify
    • The approved reseller is qualified to sell using any payment method they choose provided it does not violate local, European or international law.
    • All sales of the services are final; no refunds will be given
    • The approved reseller is only allowed to sell VIP, Premium and related 'user' services. Staff Ranks, Admin Ranks or 'admin' services are prohibited.
    • The approved reseller may be more expensive than purchasing through our official store. Ensure you are making a sound monetary decision before purchasing
    • We will protect the approved reseller where possible but will not reimburse for monies lost. We will expunge any user attempting to deceive an approved reseller from the community.
As it states breaking these you will be punished by the admin.

Secondly, You need to gain some levels by basing or playing a job and just roaming (doing your job if you are gov) now don't try to attack a base owned by the most powerful person and/or people try to raid people your level (well similar to it)

Third, you need to get a good gun if you haven't already the best gun for a new player is a common usually a rapid fire rifle or smg but that doesn't matter now you need a gun a permanent one.

Forth, raiding can be very hard if the base is very complex but assuming you are raiding players at your level (low) won't be a super complex base (usually) but cracking keypads and picking locks are slow if you have no points into that but its best to have a friend to watch your back or the other way around once you are past the barrier now you need to find the base owner(S) and kill them now after they are dead you can loot the base of printers which give money and xp after that you can leave the base.

Fifth, Crafting you need a blueprint, Bars, Weapon parts. Now to craft the weapon you get a different outcome which is random but usually common now compare it to your current weapon if you find the new weapon better either sell, keep or dismantle your old weapon.

It's basically the same from here.

(EDIT: Do not mess with hobbes as stated by the images unknown_1.png
unknown_2.pngunknown (1).png


Jul 17, 2017
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I do kind of like this, sometimes it repeats the rules but Egg has gone in depth on some of them i believe this is good and i appreciate Egg for typing all this out, i think this could help some players clear up concerns on some things they are unsure of.
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