The TLC update

This update is brought to you by @DeathShadow these patch notes are also his. Also just every perma prop and text screen has been removed, it was too many props which was reducing the FPS by a lot. This time around think through what you build in your office or barracks, don't use a shit ton of small props for instance. And if you can use a bigger prop for instance for wall do it, don't just stack it because you are lazy. PHX has many variations of props and don't use a 1X1 if you have a wall which 4X4, then use the 4X4 plate to cover the entire thing right? exactly. Also I would like to credit:
@Malkiax (Models)
@Factory New BilboSwagz (Equipment)

This update focuses mostly on revising the following regiments:

  • 212th
  • 501st
  • CG
  • EOD
  • GC
  • 91st
  • ARC
  • ONI
  • CT
Other regiments, which weren’t mentioned, will be revised later. The major revise is model change. Each regiment has new models, which include bodygroups. These bodygroups, will have certain rank requirements to be used. So speak with your COs before. Another major addition is that every regiment is now divided into two subdivisions. So you have a bigger variety to choose from. NOTE: YOU CANNOT BE IN 2 SUBDIVISIONS AT THE SAME TIME. Anyways onto the list of changes:


  • Major Overhaul to above mentioned Regiments
  • New Event Maps
  • Fixed some slight bugs, such as Ki Adi Mundi Whitelist.
  • Upped XO slot by one, as each XO leads a division
  • Buffed health on most jobs

  • Skin changes
  • Division into Ghost (Land Vehicles) and 2nd Airborne (Air Vehicles)
  • Ghost has a DLT19, DH17 and some extra stuff
  • 2nd Airborne has a DC15s, DH17 and some other stuff
  • Ghost has all ground vehicles
  • 2nd Airborne has all air vehicles
  • As you progress the ranks more stuff is unlocked for use
  • Removal of the Pilot role (merged into 2nd Airborne) and Anti Tank Trooper (merged into Ghost Company)

  • Skin changes
  • Division into Storm(jet troopers) and Flame (Heavy Troopers)
  • Buffed Health on some jobs
  • Equipment = go check it out for a surprise!
  • Added Captain Rex skin for 501st CO
  • AT-RT for selected jobs

  • Skin changes
  • Division into K9 (Riot Control) and SEC (Personal Security)
  • Added Commander Fox for CO position
  • Equipment has been overhauled to adjust to both divisions

  • Skin changes
  • Division into Bomb Squad and Engineers
  • Bomb Squad has more frontline equipment
  • Bomb Diffuser Job - perfect for difusing bombs
  • Keypad crackers to bomb squad to enhance RP
  • Lockpicks for Engineers to enhance RP
  • Some other stuff added and buffed. EOD will get another TLC pass soon
  • Ability to spawn armor as engineer (Needs testing)

  • Skin changes
  • Changed name of Regiment to 41st
  • Division into Green Company (snipers) and Sarlaac (Recon)
  • Gear adjusted to both divisions. Some weapons need changes still
  • Access to speeders and AT-RT accordingly. Drones will get added with EOD Pass 2

  • Skin changes
  • No divisions yet
  • BARC Speeders
  • 91st will get a second pass with highest priority

  • Skin changes
  • Division into Alpha (Aggressive Frontline) and Rancor (Support)
  • Equipment adjusted to both divisions
  • AT-RT for Rancor

  • Skin changes
  • New subdivision Templar/Bulkwark Company focuses on defense
  • ONI Stealth Pilot and ONI Medic
  • Equipment changes
ONI Generals:

  • New skins
  • New General Gun


  • Only contains trooper and drill seargents now
  • Drill Seargents are the official cadets trainer

That’s all for now. As always expect bugs and suggestions are always welcome. Not everything was listed to allow regiments to find out what’s new and what isn’t. Have fun!