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Jul 1, 2018
Should We bring back the event server?

Some of you may remember the SWRP side of DC having access to a second server specifically for events.
This server allowed the staff team to host regimental missions for different individual regiments, meaning that regiments were able to take part in an event which was catered for them.

These regimental missions usually consisted of one or two regiments working together, using their specialties to complete a certain mission specification. There would be multiple regimental missions within the day, leading up to a larger, main event during peak hours.

One downfall of the event server last time was the fact that ALL events took place on that server. If we were to host main events on the main server, it would help with any issues that could come from player counts and activity.

Examples of Missions:
212th and the 501st: 212th would be split into Ghost and AB, Ghost would be assisting the 501st on the ground, using their vehicles, while AB would be securing the air above the battlefield. 501st would push the frontlines and eventually secure the battlefield.

CG and 104th: A senator has been taken hostage on Coruscant, 104th and CG are deployed to safely retrieve the Senator. 104th would clear the way with CG protecting the flank. Once they get to the Senators location, 104th would extract the hostage by any means necessary with the CG protecting the VIP while heading back to the rendezvous point with the 104th.

41st and Wookies: The Republic has received intel on an important CIS targets location. They are deployed to Kashyyyk where they are assisted by a local group of Wookies. The Wookies will help the troopers locate the target. Once located, the 41st will get a vantage point for a clear shot. Once fleet grant the shot, 41st will take a shot at the VIP. If the kill is noticed by the hostile, the Wookies will secure the retreat of the 41st.

  • Specialised events for regiments, allowing them to use their specialties.
  • More things to do within a day
  • Something different
  • Relieves some strain on the main server while keeping the players entertained.
  • Creates unique RP opportunities for the players
  • Gives validation to the regiments
  • Could lower the Gametracker rank
  • There won’t be a regimental mission for Every regiment, every day, they may get grouped together with another regiment.
  • More loading into servers
  • Lower player count on the main server at times.

The Main events would take place on the Main Server

My question to you all is this, would you want the event server to return? Leave your thoughts, comments and opinions below. This is to open a discussion to potentially bring it back, there aren't any definites at this moment in time.


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Nov 30, 2015
I support this and I still have the old script which does so it pops up on peoples screens. I would also like to point out I think it would be cool if we had a bigger variation of maps on the event server and reduce the main server just a bit with the most popular maps like top 10, and we could rather rotate on these maps. That way we could reduce the loadtime adn make a good purpose for both servers.

Just be very aware not to abuse it like going on your own event during a big main event or exclude certain regs from joining a smaller event, of course if its a 212th event thats fine, but if for instance 212th and 501st always does an event together over and over again and no one else gets to join thats not very nice.

But ye, I don't mind an event server and for gametracker rank I don't think it matters much because we are not in the top 100, just try to host the events on the main server during peak hours so we have most players on one server to jump on the gmod server list itself.
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May 8, 2019
When joined originally I thought the server was supposed to be 24/7 gun blazing arc flying server but as a big purple guy said

Reality is often disappointing
a Big fat 1 + from me