The balance update

Hello! so the "Balance update" is here which has been something alot of you have been looking forward to. This update brings new changes to alot of regiments and even a new regiment. You can thank @Smashy @Dom The Dangerous @DeathShadow @Factory New BilboSwagz and @Malkiax . If there are any that I forgot to mention here just let me know. So lets take a look on some of the changes.

Regimental Changes
Clone Drill sergeant has received stun gun and cuffs.
501st:Minigun has even more firrate but less damage. They also have a new specilization which are the "Jet Trooper", and they have a jetpack as well as the CO.
212th: The republic launcher now does alot more damage then previously.
CG: They have received shields and can now purchase cuffs.
GM: Their rifle now fires faster the T1 that is. They also received a new specilization the "Magna Trooper", which has a shotgun and thermal detonator.
EOD: They have received a new specilization as well which is the "Operator", the operator can fly drones and resupply other drone operators. I will get more back to that, they also received gravity gun.
RC: The sniper from recon has been removed and replaced with a DLT-20AC, their original rifle has also received a damage increase.
GC: Everyone except troopers and sharpshooters have received a new primary weapon the DLT-20AC they also received the scout blaster, also the sharpshooters main rifle has been replaced with the "republic sniper".
Jedi: The jedis have been changed abit, first of all the sentinels have some cool new models and no longer has "dual sabers". The consulars has also lost their force heal, but it has been assigned to masters and generals instead. The saber length and damage has been increased.

New map
We also now have a new venator, and is made by @Smashy So thank you for making it Smashy. This is a custom venator for DC, by now most of you have already seen it and how good it is.

Yes there are now drones which certain people can buy, mainly its the EOD which has the most drones the operator and commander. They have cargo drone, refill drones and repair drones. The operator and commander also has weapons to refill drones. Other regimentsh have received drones as well, the shadow company has a sniper drone. The fleet has a scout drone same as green company, the office of naval intelligence has a spy drone and 91st medics have a medic drone.

Shadow Company and Office of Naval Intelligence
The shadow company is a new regiment and falls under the Office of Naval Intelligence which are the generals, the regiments commander is @Malkiax so if you want to join speak with him.