SWRP Newest Update!

Hello everyone,
Hope you are having an amazing weekend, because it is about to become better. After a few weeks of hard work, we will finally provide you with another Major SWRP Update, as well with what's further down the road. This update was only possible due to the extra hard work of our Owner: @Drewbie and our lovely Server Manager: @Factory New BilboSwagz so make sure to thank them. We can't forget that @Malkiax helped as well. Extra thanks towards our staff team, who provided assistance too.

Anyways, let's get on to the update itself shall we.

The BIGGEST major change is: We reverted back to the old BF2 models. Due to the community wanting it and enjoying these. It wasn't an easy decision, it was discussed among many others, Hate messages were thrown here and there, but eventually we decided to give these models a shot. They look great. We sure do hope you enjoy it.
For those who are unsure of these new model note that we will be actively trying to fix/replace any model if a better option becomes available in time, if you find any yourself which you think look/fit better let us know.
A link to the models can be found here: (Link)

The second major change, we reverted back to the classic Venator. A big part of you didn't like the layout of our current Venator, or was already getting bored of it. So we heard you loud and clear and decided to change it back. Expect to hear soon from us staff, so you can decorate your bunks, offices and all that stuff. Make sure to Thank @Smoely for the amazing changes!

Now onto the smaller changes.
Supreme General
Supreme General is now back. There is no point in saying who will get it, as the majority of you already know. We felt, the Generals required someone to lead them a bit better, so we decided to bring the Job back.

Bounty Hunter Petrov
Petrov will also return to the ranks of the Republic and with him a new Story, which is currently being written by myself and a couple of staff members. The Tales of Petrov. Expect to hear from this storyline, very soon this week as we finish writing off the first chapter.

We have tons of other features planned out in the future, I cannot go too much in to detail as there is a slight chance they might not get added, but I can provide a general Idea. We plan to make Events better, involve storylines and adventures for all regiments to take part. Quality of Life improvements, such as showing current mission objectives and Side Missions on screen during events, balancing of weapons, perhaps introducing new ways to RP. It's all being discussed.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this update and as usual should you find any bugs report them to us staff so we can have them fixed ASAP.

May the Force be with you
Credit to @Dragon for making new loadingscreen pictures
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