SWRP June/July Update

This months update is focused on reducing the content size aswell as fixing some issues, so there isn't much *new* stuff but I hope you still enjoy it regardless.

  • Sentinels
    • Add Laser Drone
    • Remove Advanced Cloak from Sentinel
  • Master
    • Rename Commander Job to Master Job
    • Give Aayla Secura ability to spawn a LAAT/i
    • Aayla same Engineer Loadout as Windu
    • Cin Drallig add to master tree
  • Council
    • Mace Windu gain Repair Tool, Drone Tools (Radar, Remote and Hacker) and Artisan Drones
    • Yoda’s scale set to 0.6

  • 501st Legion
    • Trooper - Give him bf2017_dc15a
    • Sergeant - Give him bf2017_dc15a
    • CO add Squad Shield
  • 501st Torrent
    • Vanguard and Fives add Squad Shield
    • Vanguard and Fives to gain C4
      • Vanguard to receive Thermal Detonators
    • Change Tups health from 900 down to 445
    • Add Torrent Coric with the loadout
      • Medic shit
      • A280
      • DC-17
      • Landspeeder

  • AB & G CPT
  • Grenades added to the 212th Medic Job
  • Remove Y-Wing from the spawn menu

  • Getting shields added to flame job (Police Shield)
  • Replace emp with thermals
  • Desert and Woodland cammo added to Medic,Flame trooper and magman trooper

  • WP except Heavy and 104th CO Jetpacks
  • Add Flashbang and Smokes to Dash and Comet

  • ARC Commander
    • Thermal Grenades
  • 104th ARC
    • Add ability to buy 7.62 Turret - 40mm GL Turret
  • GM ARC
    • Seal6-c4 to ARC job
    • Dual DC-17s

General fixes
  • ARC Commander Paycheck wrong
  • ARC not able to spawn BARC
  • Supreme General still has Juggernaut Model
  • Shadow Captain Model
  • CG Medic, Engineer and Hound have leash
  • CG Engineer don’t have fusion cutters
  • Fleet Captain model missing (models/player/patriarch/pgnnavalmedicalofficer.mdl)
  • RC Aquila having rocket launchers
  • GM Medic missing a medical speeder
  • Fleet commander does not have access to fleet group chat
  • Vanguard has 4 spaces
  • 212th CO 1200$

and added some bit more stuff, but that's a secret for now ;)
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