Summer update

Hello! I'm now releasing the new summer update, and it has some requested features and some new content to it. As many of you have suggested you want the place button gone, you want new weapons, you want a new meth system, you want a new trading system. Well I can tell you that this update brings exactly that. So lets take a look at the changes that have been done.

Place button
I wanted to cover this first, yes the place button is now gone.

Trading system
The inventory now has a trading system, you can simply open this by aiming at the player you want to trade with and type /trade, the other player has to type /accept then a trade window will pop up.

Expanded inventory
The inventory has been expanded now so you don't have to scroll and scroll.

There is a new crafting part now, and it's called "Weapon Parts". Weapon parts are obtained by "dismantling" your weapons, the higher rarity the more weapon parts you receive.

Drop question
When you drop an item, it will ask you "are you sure".

New blueprint model
The blueprint model now looks like an actual blueprint.

New Weapons
There are 4 craftable weapons:

New meth system
The meth system has been replaced by a new one with some cool models and some really cool features. Check out the tutorial here:

More prestiges
Yes it is now more prestiges, the maximum was general which was 140 prestige. Now you can go all the way up to 158 which is Global Elite.

There is a new farming system for those who wants to gain money and exp through more legal ways.

Crew changes
Crews has been wiped and the experience they get from flags are reduced, the max cap on crews has also been raised from 100 to 150.

Money printer changes
The money printers have been nerfed, why? because they were giving too much money and I wanted to give their structure abit more sense. So now what they print are reduced by 50% and they can max print 10 times before the printer is full and the price of each printer is 5 prints. That makes alot more sense.

Other changes
Experience rate on growing weed has now been increased.
The double XP and 4X is off for now. Remember for you VIP's and Premiums on your packages it said 100% experience boost and 200% ( it use to be 150% for premiums before).
Prop protection has been updated again, to fix the dup bug thing.
Client crashes should now been reduced as well, we can't confirm it 100% before we actually see the new changes in effect.

Overall I hope everyone is happy with this update, thank you and have a great weekend!
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