Statement on Paysafecard & Alternative Donation Methods

It has come to my attention that the demand for purchasing VIP & Premium via Paysafecard has come to the point where we need to explain why we do not directly accept it.

Paysafe - the company that owns and permits the use of the Paysafecard only permits directly registered merchants. This means only large business' that take thousands a day in transactions are accepted into their merchant programme.

This means we have to register with a payment gateway - such as While these are a good option we have to take a hit on the money given to us (typically 15%) meaning VIP and Premium would be more expensive to players as we would have to put the price up to match what we receive from PayPal.

Additionally there are currently no systems we own that integrate directly with any of the payment gateways that support Paysafe. This means I have to spend extensive amounts of time coding an eCommerce solution that accepts either G2A, Paymentwall etc.

These eCommerce solutions do not allow us to automatically promote users meaning even if we did all of the above, it is still no faster than handing over your PIN to Drew when paying with Paysafe currently.

Under paypal however, we do accept all Debit, Credit & Prepaid cards - which means you can waltz in to your local store, pick up a preloaded or pre-paid VISA or MasterCard and pay normally - no different to a Paysafecard. Paysafe themselves even offer a Paysafecard MasterCard just so you can use it online easier.

I understand that in some countries there is an age limitation on Prepaid Debit/Credit cards of 16, some even 18 and Paysafecard gets around that - while I respect this you will just have to accept that only Drewbie can directly take those payments and it is a manual process that takes up to and including 1 week.