StarWarsRP Update, TFA, New leveling system and More jobs

Hello! So I have finally pushed out the new StarWarsRP update. I suggest you all subscribe to the workshop collection which can be found here, there are alot of new content and its best to be subscribed to it. So lets go over some of the new changes.

TFA Weapons
This is probably one of the biggest changes with this update and the one most people have asked for. Everyone has received new weapons and some new loadouts eventhough I tried to keep the loadouts almost the same. We still have some of the old guns because they were just better than some of the alternatives from TFA like the shotgun for republic commando, but most have been replaced. If you feel the gun you have received is not good enough or has some issues make sure to report it or make a suggestion to change it.

New jobs
Yes there are new jobs and they are:
Courscant Guard Bodyguard: This job was made to protect the fleet and its the special job of the curoscant guards, the troopers and sergeant does no longer have the SB-2 which is given to the bodyguard and those above him. Instead they have another blaster.
Jawa: For events
Wookie: Also for events
And also there are alot of new droid models to spice up some event, we even added a new droidship.

New leveling system
Don't worry we have not reset anyones levels yet, instead we installed a second leveling mod which will benefit the troopers as well. So now we have sort of a jedi level and a trooper level, everyone can access this by pressing "F6" and skill whatever you want. Also EXP is rewarded to those who are on the server, and you can also spend your money on skill resets if you would like to reskill.

Back to the venator
We are back to the venator we were on before, this is because the other one was very dark and we didn't see a lot of new players joining which can be caused by many other things.

So that's most of it, connect and check it out. Have a great weekend!

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