StarWarsRP the lightsaber update

Hello! Finally the new starwarsrp update is here and it contains new content and changes. Some of these changes are requested and some are not, but I have tried to add more stuff to make things more fun.

New lightsaber system and level system:
With the new update I have added a new lightsaber system to make things more fun as a jedi, but it's not only jedis who gets something out of this. There is a leveling system here now and you can spend the skill points you earn on things which will benefit your trooper as well. Also around the map it will spawn crafting stuff you can use to craft your very own lightsaber, but remember to use proper lightsabers the rules about them still stands.

Job changes:
There are a few new jobs introduced such as:
- Emperor
- Supreme Chancellor
- Wolf Pack Scout
There are also new models for the sith such as Darth Maul, General Grevious and Count Dooku.

Regimental changes:
Like I said the Wolf pack has received a new job called the scout which has a sniper rifle and access to speeder. Bacta gel has also now been buffed so the 91st will be able to heal more. Sniper rifles for RC and other regiments have also been buffed to do more damage.

Thanks and may the 4th be with you!