StarWarsRP gone CGI

The CGI update is finally here and I would like to credit @Malkiax for putting an enourmes amount of effort and time into this update, so thank you Kai! I would like to say that the decision to make this into a CGI server came from this thread. We voted after I presented the problems with the models we had, also I would like to add that the CGI models have lore characters and a lot of customization.

So lets take a look at the changes:

Added SIM Trooper jobs for Red Team and Blue Team which can be used for PvP sims


Introduction of Elite Squad: Torrent Company (made up of lore characters), lead by EXO Appo
Jet Trooper and Heavy Trooper are now specialists within the 501st
Medic Role added

Ghost Company's EXO is now Waxer
Airborne's EXO is now Boil

Torve has been redeployed and has been replaced by RC Gregor

ONI (Regiment):
Removed Templar Company
Removed ONI Pilot
Renamed to "Shadow Company"
Hidden Blade replaced with a more predictable weapon until damage can be fixed
Turned into a regular regiment, ie: recruits CTs


Introduction of Elite Squad: Coruscant Riot Guard
Engineer Job role added
Senate Guard Job role added

GM and EOD:
Been deployed to a different Venator, thank you for your service to the Republic! In their place we have been given. . .

Added the regiment "104th Battalion"
Specialist jobs: Medic, Engineer, Breacher
Elite Squad: Wolf Pack


Is now made up of 9 lore members
Alpha: Heavy, Fordo, Fives, Echo
Rancor: Havoc, Hammer, Colt, Blitz
all with 1 item which makes them different
ARC Trainee added as a training rank for future ARC (When positions become available)
ARC General Removed

Edit of Green Company, Now classed as Elite Squad
41st Sarlaac Specialists: Medic, Sniper
Fixed issue with Sarlaac LT not being able to spawn AT-RT

ONI (Generals)
Renamed to "Republic Intelligence"
Battalion General Reworked
Generals are now seperated into assigned areas to work with:
Offensive General which will work with 501st, 212th and RC
Defensive General which will work with CG and 104th
Specialist General which will work with ARC and 41st
Marshal Commander renamed to Assistant General and limit lowered to 3 (one for each General)

Added 20 models to all jedi roles below the rank of Council (excluding lore characters)
All models are customisable in appearance (robes, skin colour, hair / horn / leku colour)
Yoda is no longer assigned to the 41st
Plo Koon is now assigned to the 104th
Jedi Lore characters are now seperate jobs, with correct rankings to match lore. These characters include:
Luminara Unduli (who is now assigned to the 41st)
Barriss Offee
Adi Gallia
Ima Gun Di
Quinlan Vos
Eeth Koth

Added new Delta 7s for high ranking Jedi
Added Yoda's ETA2 and Floating Chair

New pack which adds several new types of droid
MSE-6 Mouse Droid

Seperated Droid job into
B1, B2, Commando Droid, CIS Leader, Alien, Mandalorian. All of which have HP fitting for the roles
Added a "special model" to the Sith job

There's now a squad system. Open the menu by typing !party and you can make a squad. Your squad mates will be listed on the rige side of the screen, but there can't be too many so keep the squad sto around 5-8 at max.

We will also fix the team radios again.


Have a great weekend everyone :D