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Dec 3, 2019
As most of you are aware, there was a forum post made, discussing the revamping of the server and the rebalancing of regiments. This forum post has received a lot of support, and positive feedback, thus, leading to me sitting down with the command of each individual regiment after the co meeting and discussing their most basic equipment to be added to the regiments.

Hence why there will be a vote attached to this post, in which we wish to gather general opinions and interests from everyone.

At the current moment, we have too many regiments with the same equipment. This change to basic loadouts will give us the opportunity to reassess the situation while also bringing back the unique feel of the regiments. Additionally, this is a chance for every regiment to add different things to their regiment, allowing us to go in a different direction than what they have had before. We will test this change for one week minimum and when the time is right we will reassess the situation and may look at giving some equipment back, depending on the outlook at the time. I understand that you may be unhappy with losing things, however keep in mind every regiment is losing things. Furthermore, everything that has been lost can be re-added, if it is absolutely necessary and doesn't hinder the idea of having the regiments be unique. (Meaning please don't downvote just because you are losing equipment)


Sep 30, 2018
Despite it crippling a lot of the regiments the fine line of differences between regs with arise again and once more can we be tasked to work together with our specific abilities and talents and this will also make it less confusing for younger and newer players as some people may be unsure, I think it should be released but of course we'll be saying goodbye to our old friends shadow
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