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Mar 2, 2017
Germany or Portugal
So you decided to apply to become a staff member? Great! First of all head over to the following link and make sure you follow the guide and read it all properly:

So you read it and decided you still want to make an app? Great! Now make sure you are the required minimum age, that is, 16 or close to becoming 16.
Don't forget to add the following things to your app, after you followed the guide:
- How to handle the following sits like: RDM, RDA, DDOS Threats, Racism, Not adverting, SelfSupplying, Etc.
- Show us that you know the rules, make a custom sit and how you would handle it or wait for one of our amazing Staff members to ask you for them.
- Don't forget to talk about yourself! What do you do in your free time? What are your hobbies? We need to know this, so we can know if you are a busy person and have the time to play on the server.
After adding that couple of details here is what you need to know, to become a sucessfull staff member, especially after posting you app:
- DON'T PESTER OTHER STAFF MEMBERS TO READ YOUR APP! it anoys us and will probably get you denied.
- Be patient, players will eventually read your app and give their feedback.
- You may ask one admin to give his feedback, just don't push him if he doens't want to do it.
- Be active, have fun and obey rules at all times.
- If you have emotional problems, let us know. This doesn't mean you can't become staff but we need to know incase you start becoming emotional for you to take a time off.
- If you speak more languages add it to your Application! It's always a bonus!
- Please do not pretend you are a staff member on other players posts, like asking interviewing questions. Leave that to us!
- Join discord to get to know us staff members and other players!
- Don't forget, being a staff member is voluntary, you aren't forced to play gmod 24/7 yet if you disappear for weeks without letting us know, expect a demotion!
I made this post to help you out in the process of your application! Any other admin that would like to add content please PM me with it or comment below.
PS: Drew or Xirii if you could pin this thread and maybe lock it I would be appreciated ! :)
Not open for further replies.