Staff Application From Galeon

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Jul 6, 2018
Greetings Staff,

Username: Galeon | Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:85137418 | SteamURL:

Age: 16

Location/TimeZone: Belgium | CEST

Server Preference: DarkRP

I have no mentor

I joined the server a long time ago. I went offline 2 times for a couple of months than came back and now I back and staying since I like this community more than the other servers. [I think there is even a picture on forums from a PD event that went down than]

Name on Discord: Galeon | Full name: Galeon#5468

I played a ton of DarkRP. I have some experience with admin tools but still needs some refreshing. I think I came to a point that I wanne help the server instead of playing! Would like to help more people. I had my fun on the server I think its now the time that I can return the favor to the players to help them have a good experience.

If you have a difficult situation than you need to try and find a solution that both party's find good! If you have a troll you warn him but still spectate him to keep an eye on him. I am a respectfull person and I can handle hard persons! Sometimes I will get little bit raged. I try to keep calm and its working. I love RP I am an really good RP player!

The server where I was staff has been removed! however I am playing on a STARWARSRP server were I am a Commander and have admin perms The server is called Eternal gaming! [They are switching gamemodes though] they are working on new gamemode [they will have other server name]

Sorry for my spelling.

Thank you for going trough my application.

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