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Apr 15, 2019
General Info

In game name: Beanboi (CG MSG RM 3245 Beanboi)

Discord name and number: Thatbeangamer#3942

Proffered name: Bean

Age (Must be 16+, You may be asked to provide ID) : 16 (07/09/2002)

Timezone: BST


How many regiments are you apart of: 1 (CG)

Which Character do you play most:
Pretty much just a CG medic and a DSGT

How long you play during the week per day: 1-3 hours

How long you play during the weekend per day: 2-5 hours

Previous Punishments

We can check these things so do not lie.

Any previous punishments on the SWRP server: N/A

Any previous punishments on other DC servers: N/A

About you

What makes you stand out from other Applicants: I'm pretty much one of the first people on the at the weekends and i am a very active member being on almost every day if not every two (not including LOA) and i am also available almost all the time since i do not get busy often. I am a very approachable person as-well as i try my best to interact with as many people as possible because hey if you can't make some friends whats the point!

Tell us about you: I am a Secondary school student currently doing GCSE's with a big passion for gaming and 3D modelling, i'm also apart of a joint 3-way-owned game dev company and aside from all that i'm always up for something fun to do!

Choose ONE personality trait that describes you the best: My Creativity

Why should we choose you over other Applicants: I know how to keep a level head in certain chaotic situations and i can make a fair judgement when needed, i make sure to look over all the evidence needed to make sure i don't make a bias decision considering i believe this job requires the need to be unbiased especially when something has friends involved in it and when someone is in the wrong they deserve the full force of the Imp- Republic might! Miss fits deserve no place within this battalion! (they is a bad people)


Have you ever been staff on a SWRP server: N/A

If yes, What were your duties: N/A

Have you ever been staff on a GMOD server: N/A

If yes, What were your duties: N/A

Have you ever been staff on an Online Community: Yes

If yes, What were your duties:
Pretty much sorting out disputes and keeping things running, at a point i was the head of a community handling with day to day affairs


A player is requesting a staff member and you respond. They say a player has been ERPing through PMs and /me commands when close to them, how do you respond?

I would basically take a peak into the logs and check if the player was actually ERPing and if they had been i would give them a verbal warning. However, if they had been continuing to do so even after the warning i would give them a in-game warning. I would also make sure they knew why it is wrong to ERP so they would realise why it is outlawed by Supreme overlord of the Venator (the Palpinator!).

You are playing with your friends during an event. You catch your friend and a CT both breaking rules and minging, what do you do?

Even though they are a friend being an admin means enforcing the servers rules! They would be delivered a verbal warning to make sure they stop their heresy! (and obviously tell them what it is they are doing that is wrong) if the fools wish to continue their ways the full force of the Warn or Ban hammer depending on the severity of the minge in question and ultimately be returned to the event in hopes they learn from their ways.

A 212th Airborne is coming in to the Main Hangar Bay from the Jedi Temple and there happens to be a decent number of players in the Main Hangar Bay. The 212th comes in for a landing but, the 212th lands on top of the players by complete accident, what action needs to be taken here?

Right so for this one i would first have to make sure the Aircraft in question has been moved to a safe enough distance away and then proceed to scold the 212th for his insolence! (Tell him to be more aware of his surroundings) and then have to recommend he trains more with his aircraft as to make sure it does not happen again followed by


Do you understand that your application may not be successful and that asking about your application may result in instant denial:
Yes! for the glory of the EMPE- for the Chancellor!

**This is a legal requirement. Applying when not 16 years of age or above by means of deception is considered fraudulent and is punishable to the maximum extent possible under UK Law. Your account may be terminated from Drew's Community both in-game on all servers and on the forums.**
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