Special Event Rounds

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Dec 7, 2018
Stockholm, Sweden
Hello, so I'd like to suggest a script that adds some custom rounds to TTT.

The script would be JaysonMans [TTT] Special Rounds

This addon would add 22 different special rounds, they are:
  • Crowbars Only - All players get nothing but a crowbar for the round. Last man standing wins
  • Deagle only, Headshot only - All players get a Desert Eagle (And full ammo), and only headshots count for damage. Last man standing wins
  • Deathmatch - 50% of the players are turned into detectives. The rest of the players become Traitors. All players being with 1 credit
  • Deathmatch Switch - Just like Deathmatch, but when a player dies, they change teams
  • Free For All - Everybody is a Traitor and is given 1 credit. Last man standing wins
  • Hide & Seek - The Traitors get blinded at the beginning of the round for 30 seconds, the shop is disabled. Innocents only have crowbars, Detectives have pistols as well (Only the default pistol)
  • HUUGGGEEEE - All players are given a H.U.G.E. and infinite ammo. Last man standing wins
  • Infected - The goal of infected mode is for all players to become infected. When a player dies they become infected. Infected players are revealed to be Traitors, and their model is changed. Infected players only have a knife and a spawn setter. Reamining survivors will win if the time limit is reached.
  • Inverted - Everything is inverted. This includes - movement, jumping/crouching, mouse input, and weapon slots. All of which can be toggled on/off from the config
  • Invisible Traitors - The traitors are invisible, everybody else is a detective. You begin with 1 credit
  • Juggernaut round - The Juggernaut is the sole traitor, everybody else is a Detective, no special shop items. The Juggernaut has increased HP and movement speed but only a knife
  • Knife only - All players get a knife, and must battle until there's only 1 man standing
  • Low Gravity - Speaks for itself
  • One In The Chamber - 1 hp, 1 bullet. Kill enemies to get more bullets. Last man standing wins
  • Sideways - Players can only move sideways
  • Simon Says - Throughout the round, tasks will be given to the players, if a player can't perform a task, they die. Regular TTT rules apply
  • Slow Motion - Speaks for itself
  • Super Speed - Speaks for itself
  • Traitor Roulette - Only 1 Traitor. Every 30 seconds, the traitor is changed
  • Upside Down - The players' screen is turned upside down. Regular TTT rules apply
  • Vampire Assault - Players will have a limited amount of time to gain as much health as possible. You will gain health equals to the amount of damage you deal.
  • Vampire Hunt - The traitors are revealed, but they heal for as much damage as they deal

By adding this the TTT experience will get a bit more spicy but also adds more fun to the server.
It also has some admin features, a voting system and supports pointshop 2.
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Oct 23, 2018
Would add alot of variety to the gamemode and more content on the TTT server for people to enjoy. Also id like to add that maybe it should be done in a fashion that admins can control when these special rounds happen. Anyways a +1 from me

Edit: Just saw that there was a vote, force, chance. System for the rounds.


Aug 12, 2018
So its still classic, but sometimes you can get the special rounds?
  • Special rounds can be triggered via vote, force, chance, or on the last round of every map
Edit: and yes it is still normal TTT. Just some rounds are special and the players or admins chose when a special round should be played.
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