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Dec 30, 2017

A warm welcome to you, from all the Drew’s Community players.
So you’ve decided to come to play some Crew Conflict Roleplay? I see. Well, I’ll tell you one thing straight away. You’ll join the server and won’t understand a single thing you’re looking at, that is unless you’ll read this guide, so if you’re interested in starting out the best way possible on this server, I recommend you sit tight and start reading.
This guide will go over all the most basic, yet most important aspects of CCRP, such as Leveling, Weapons, Money, Jobs, Gangs & Territories, Missions and more. If you deem it TL;DR, then just read the specific “quick version” of the guide at the beginning. The full version of the guide consists of more detailed information as well as some tips.

Lazy Frog Guide (TL;DR version)
Chapter I - Leveling.
Chapter II - Money.
Chapter III - Weapons.
Chapter IV - Parties, Gangs & Territories.
Chapter V - Missions.
Chapter VI - Purchasable Ranks.
Chapter VII - Rules.
Chapter VIII - Closing Notes.
Chapter IX - Contacts.

Quick guide for lazy frogs.

Drew’s Community CCRP focuses on a RPG style progression for the player. 90% of activities grant you experience, which can be used in various skills (Open the menu with F6), these skills will improve your general and combat efficiency.

There are 4 main ways to gain weapons crates. 1. They can be found around the map whilst there are at least 5 players online. 2. They can be found within airdrops that happen randomly. 3. They can be crafted by the Factorian job. 4. They can be purchased via tokens in the !tokens shop.
Press (I) to open your inventory. There you have to go to your "Crated" tab and open the crates. You can also get scrolls from these crates which can be used to upgrade weapons to higher ranks. All of this is done in the (I) menu.
You can equip most weapons with firefight changing attributes via the (C) menu, so check those out!
Ammo can be bought via the F4->Purchase menu.

Jobs are the thing that give you the ability to pay your bills. They can be accessed via F4->Jobs. Different jobs do different things, read the tooltips. They also pay differently. Pick what’s fun, not what’s the meta.

Money is the bread and butter of CCRP. It’s used to buy pretty much everything and anything. Most items are bought from the F4->Purchase menu. Money can be gained in a multitude of ways, most of them include doing your job duties F4->Jobs. Different jobs pay differently, pick what’s fun for you. You can make money legally or illegally, check full guide for more information.

Parties, Gangs & Territories
The Party menu gives the ability to team up with some of your friends, via F5. Gang menu can be opened via !gang in chat. Gangs give you the ability to make more official groups. Gangs allow you to group up with friends, store items, store money, purchase various upgrades, earn achievements, capture territories, compete for the leaderboards, forge alliances, and gain enemies. Territory poles are scattered all around the map, they can be captured by pressing E on the pole. If you hold an entire territory, it’ll generate passive income.

Missions show in the top left. If you complete them, you get a reward. Open missions menu via chat by writing !missions. There you can see your stats, compete with others and see all the current missions as well as discard ones you dislike.

Drew’s Community has a very good reputation in not allowing hackers nor’ asshats to play on their servers, that’s why the servers admin team is usually quite serious about how they operate. Don’t be an asshat and please read the server's rules here:


Chapter I
Leveling. What is it? How does it help me?

Leveling is one of the core concepts of CCRP. It’s the system that differentiates between a new guy who just joined and tried making meth and a basing god who has the best of the best weapons and has grown a beard sitting in his dark cave of a base. Which one will be you? That’ll most likely be dictated by your level and prestige.
Leveling is done very easily. You gain experience by doing literally anything. Want to work as a cop? It’ll give you experience. Want to rob people? It’ll give you experience. Want to grow weed? It’ll give you experience. Anything and everything grants experience, so you can do what YOU enjoy and still progress through the server.
Your current experience amount and level will always show on the HUD somewhere, when you have gained a level or two, you also receive SKILL POINTS. These can be used to alter your combat effectiveness. “How?” you might ask. Well, you have to press F6, which will bring up this menu:

Each skill can hold up to 100 skill points. So if the max level is 100, you can only max one skill? Nope, you can max way more than that, but how then? Well, prestiging of course!
Prestiging works pretty easily. You reach level 100 and you can purchase (for money) a reset back to level 0, this price goes up as you gain more prestiges. This can be done in that same F6 menu. The whole reason we do this prestiging is to increase the maximum skill points that we can get. So now, when you’ve prestiged, you at level 1 will already have 5 skill points, that’s because you prestiged. At your second prestige you’ll have 10, then 15, then 20, etc. So the more you have, the more you can spend on other skills.
You can choose whatever method of spending these skill points as you want, but here’s a general idea of how you would ideally spend them:

You can see other people's levels & prestiges above their heads if you walk close enough to them, otherwise you can see just their prestige in the scoreboard (TAB).
The maximum prestige is 158.

"Experience" - The points you gain from various activities that when reached max, go back down and give you a level.
"Skill point" - A point you can spend on various skills in the F6 menu.
"Prestige" - A reset, that for X cash resets you back down to level 1, but awards you with some extra starting skill points.
"Level" - The thing you receive when reaching maximum experience.

Money. The thing everyone needs.

Money is your main tool to achieve everything. It’s needed everywhere you go. You need money to purchase weapons, you need money to buy prestiges, you need money to buy items from the F4 menu, you need money for gang upgrades, etc. But then it begs the question, how do you get it?
Welp, CCRP is all about making cash, some people even prioritize it over their IRL well being, but heck, who am I to blame, I once did the same thing.
The most basic of ways to make money is picking up a job from the F4 menu. Press F4, then Jobs on the left side. Here you’ll be met by many, many jobs. Some jobs require specific prestige or paid rank to play. Paid ranks can be bought on the Drew’s Community store and some rare times also won via events or other promotions.
A big portion of them can make money by themselves, others, such as hobo are fully funded their money from other people who are nice enough to donate. Some easy jobs I can recommend at the start is Lawnmower man, fruit slicer, fuel refiner. Some of these jobs are quite simple and self explanatory, others will require some experimenting.
I will try and link some videos for some of the job tutorials near the end of Chapter II.
Working as an officer of the law is also a decent way to make money since you get passively paid for doing your duties as an officer, but do keep in mind if you go afk as any kind of cop (refer to rules for more specific details on this) you can get punished severely.
Those were the more legal ways of making money, turning to the illegal side, there are even more ways of making cash, most notably, printers. Printing money obviously is a crime, so cops will raid you if they know you have printers, but it’s a damn good way of making cash. Refer to rules and staff members to find out what is the maximum printer amount a player can hold in their base. There are different ranks of printers each for their own rank, level, and prestige, they can also be upgraded to increase efficiency, by placing a cooler, increaser, and accelerator next to them.
Other illegal ways of making money include: making meth, growing weed, robbing players, selling weapons, executing bounty orders, illegally selling weaponry, and many more. All of these can be found in the F4->Jobs menu.
Sometimes money can also be received for participating or winning certain events.
If you’ve just joined the server going in the rewards menu by writing !zrewards might give you the chance to gain some easy money, by just joining the servers discord or other similar social media platforms.

Now that you’ve made a good chunk of change, I do recommend storing this money in the bank. CCRP has had multiple ways of doing this, so it might change in the future. Currently, if you go to the bank (wherever that may be on the map, just ask a friendly player) you can insert your card in an ATM and withdraw, deposit, transfer your money. The more money you have in there, the more money you’ll get over time in interest, this money amount isn’t set in stone and may be changed in the future, but currently, max interest cash is 25k per time and that requires you to have 1.25mil deposited in your account.

Lawnmower man overview/tutorial: Tutorial
Factory worker overview/tutorial: Tutorial
Pizza maker overview/tutorial: Tutorial
Meth cook overview/tutorial: Tutorial
Weed grower overview/tutorial: Tutorial
More tutorials can be sometimes found on the User Guide sections on the forums.

Chapter III
Weapons. Haha gun go brrrrrrrrr!

So you want to be a criminal, but how do you defend yourself? Or if you’re a cop, how will you kill those nasty drug dealers? With GUNS of course! There are multiple ways of getting guns, I’ll try and go over all of them. There are two general types of guns. Permanent and non-permanent. Permanent guns are anything that comes via the inventory menu they also have rarities, non-permanent guns come from the gun dealer job and are dropped/disappear on death. Permanent guns can be equipped via Inventory->Weapons->Right click->Equip. I’ll also go over how to upgrade permanent weapons.
If you get any weapons crates, these can be opened by first opening the inventory (I), navigating to the "Crates" tab, then unboxing the crate.

1. Finding crates out and about in the world!
If there are at least 5 players online, crates will start spawning around the world, so get your speed on and go find some.

2. Buying them off other players.
This is also a great way to get guns, scamming isn’t allowed on CCRP, so as long as you do the normal precautions, everything should be okay. Players can sell permanent weapons to each other via dropping them by Right-Clicking and pressing Drop in the inventory screen. It’ll be a locked box. If you wish to sell it, you can do /setprice (amount) for people to be able to buy it. Otherwise, people can just drop it and do /unsecure to unlock it for others to be able to pick it up. If you want it locked, just do /secure.

3. Winning guns in events/giveaways
Sometimes you can be lucky and win permanent weapons in in-game events or giveaways held on the forums or discord, so make sure to join both in case a giveaway happens. Guns won this way usually are pretty decent in terms of rarity.

4. Getting guns from weapon dumps.
Sometimes people that open a lot of crates get a big pile of unwanted weapons, you can ask them if they have any spear ones they don’t need and might just get them for free or for a super cheap price. Just remember to be careful about the price. There’s nothing set in stone, but don’t pay millions for low rarity weapons.

5. Finding weapons crates in Airdrops.
If you are running around the world, you might find an Airdrop that has landed somewhere. There's a chance of finding weapons crates in these airdrops.

6. Crafted by the Factorian job.
The Factorian job is also able to craft weapons crates with the resources he gets.

7. Purchased via !tokens shop.
You can also purchase weapons crates in the !tokens shop. Tokens are gained by just playing on the server.

Talking about rarity, here’s a pic of how rarity works, exact chances aren’t known:

If you want to get a Glitched weapon it can only be directly unboxed OR you have to land a major success upgrade on a celestial rarity weapon.

Weapon Upgrading.
Sometimes when you unbox crates you can get a scroll. These scrolls also come in different variants and rarities, the rarity DOES NOT dictate the chances for success.
If you go to your weapons in the inventory, right-click and press enhance, you’ll be greeted by the upgrade menu. Here you can get the chance of upgrading the rarity of your selected weapon with a scroll.

Success – Chance of upgrading your weapon by 1 rarity level.
Fail – Chance of de-leveling the weapon, so reducing by 1 rarity levels.
Major Fail – Chance of de-leveling the weapon, so reducing by 2 rarity levels.
Major Success – Chance of upgrading your weapon by 2 rarity levels.

You are unable to upgrade common rarity weapons and god rarity weapons.
A weapon cannot fall lower than uncommon via scroll upgrades.

Chapter IV
Parties, gangs & territories.

are the smallest and simplest group form. You can open the party menu via !party in chat or by pressing F5. There you can make a group, invite your friends and then you won’t kill each other and will be able to see each other through walls, so it’s easier to raid together, etc.

Gangs are a formal group type with many more goals and abilities compared to a party. You can open the gang menu via !gang. There you can be invited to or create your own gang for a small sum of cash. Just remember to not set the gang icon or name to anything NSFW or you’ll get seriously punished. Once you have created a gang you can do a multitude of things.
Such as: Invite members, store money, store items, level up your gang, upgrade various stats for the gang and it’s members (health, storage, etc.), earn a big boatload of achievements which give rewards, form alliances, and forge enemies, compete in multiple categories on the leaderboards with other crews, fight for territories, create ranks for your gang's members.

Territories are small poles scattered all around the map, if your crew controls an entire territory, you will gain passive income as money and experience, which is quite nice if you are just basing or growing drugs. More money is never bad.

"Party" - Small unofficial group.
"Gang" - A bigger official group with more goals and general strength.
"Territory" - Poles around the map that rewards passive income and can be fought over.

Chapter V
Missions. Agent 007, you have a mission.

Missions offer a great way to get out of your cave of a base and try and do some other activities. The mission window by default shows on the top left of your screen, otherwise, you can open it via !missions and change the settings.
There on the dashboard, you will see all your current missions. If you click the little gear on a mission you can un-watch it or discard it. On the top you’ll also see your stats for completed/discarded missions and a timer to see when the missions refresh.
On the top, you can also switch to the leaderboard to see who has done the most missions. Hey, if you do them often, you might even reach the top spot.

Chapter VI
Purchasable ranks.

On Drew’s Community, you can purchase various ranks for added bonuses as a player. It’s never been pay to win, but it’s a bit more pay for convenience. There have been players who reach the very top without any ranks, it just takes more time, but if you’re not in a rush, you can do it as well. For CCRP there are two main types of ranks. VIP and Premium. Premium being the best.
These ranks give bonuses such as:
- Experience boost
- Access to unique jobs
- Access to unique skins for jobs
- Access to better printers
- Increased prop limit
- Some in-game cash
- Unique tag in-game, discord, and on the website

Do keep in mind that sometimes ranks can be also gained through events or giveaways held by staff or other players. There are also seasonal sales on the shop, which reduce the cost of various packages, watch out for those!

Some very experienced original players also have custom skins for only them. These are super rare. They could be bought for cheap back in the day, but quickly increased in price. Back at the start of 2020 they would cost around 100USD for one job that gave no special perks except a different skin. So if you see one of these players pay them some /me shows respect.
The reason they are so very expensive is that to have a custom skin it takes server resources, so if there are resources devoted to only one or two specific players, that's something insane!

Chapter VII
Rules. The thing that keeps us all sane.

This chapter won’t exactly explain every single rule of the server, but I felt it still needed to be added here. Just please try and look from my pov at the rules.
Garry's mod in general is a sandbox game, there’s no direct goal, players themselves made 90% of what you see in these great servers we have such as CCRP. And unless someone writes a rule bible, there won’t EVER be exact rules for every dumb thing one can do nor’ punishments for those things. A good staff team or exact staff member I should say will judge the situation as it stands there, trying to understand it as best he can. I say that as a 3 year experienced admin, take that as you want. As a player, if you have broken the rules, don’t be a dick about it, just apologize and make good with the other player. If you want to be safe, record, or take screenshots of things and don’t witch hunt for petty rule-breaking, some things can be ignored.
And for whatever you do, don’t be a tryhard dick who tries to abide within the rules just barely. Play fairly, play with the aim to have fun, not with the aim to always be the best and degrade everyone around you in the process. That being said, here’s the rule page of the server, please do read it, it’ll help yourself get out of trouble since darkrp servers have rules to keep the general aim of the game mode in sight. Link:

Chapter VIII
Closing notes.

I really hope this detailed beginner's guide will help any new or experienced players out. Maybe give them some tips or explain things they didn’t know. The plan here isn’t to spoon-feed everything to a new player, since it’s way better to explore in-game and find out things on your own. It’ll give you way better memories that way. Try and find some friends along the way. Never turn down a basing offer, just see what happens, go chat with the people and see how it goes.

Chapter IX
Contact the author.

Discord: Solid#3859
In-Game: Solid
Forum profile: Solid
Steam: Solids Steam

Like the guide, if you think it was helpful to you or any new guys :) ❤
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