ACCEPTED Snow's Fleet Application

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Jul 12, 2018
Basic Info
Trooper Name: Snow
Regiment: Shadow Company
Rank: Trial Captain
Age: 18 Years Old
Playtime: 74 1/2 hrs or smth.
Discord name and numbers: Snowy#1902

OOC Info
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:104350521

Do you have a mic: Yes

Summary of you: I am cheerful and easy to get on with person, I like to lead but also like to let other people lead.

Are you staff on any DC related servers: Yes

Have you ever been kicked or banned from a DC related server (if yes why): I have no been kicked or banned.

Incharacter Info:
Describe in your own opinion, the roles and jobs of fleet (Try to add more than just "Granting and Denying"):
They help out regiments that are in need and help the command structure improve and get better. They also help with the event's by commanding the troopers and making sure every regiment has something to do.

Have you ever been demoted or kicked from a reg (if yes why): Failed my trial as Marshal Commander, Kicked from Shadow Company about a year and a half ago.

Do you understand fleet is an extremely important role, you will be given many more mature and responsible roles/job, Do you accept the importance and are ready for this responsibility: I do understand.

Any previous fleet experience: I was an acting Fleet Captain when the Fleet was in a stage of emergency about a year and a half ago.

Any previous command experience (if yes please say): I have also been Marshal Commander twice and I have been Assistant General once. (These roles were held a year and a half ago).

What can you offer fleet: I believe I can offer a new personality to fleet and be able to help with sort out regiments that are in dire need of help.

Anything else you want to add: Nothing else.

Here are some common scenarios you will be faced with in fleet, please answer these to the best of your ability, there is room below the scenario please write your answer there

1. The ship is under attack and the Jedi are calling for assistance at the temple due to being overrun. Who do you send where?

As an attempt to get the Jedi Temple back to being peaceful I'd send the 212th with a LAAT with 501st to the Jedi Temple to assist the Jedi in clearing the Temple grounds as this would allow the 501st to show their front line prowess and allow the Jedi to gain access of the temple back.

2. You are doing a mando with the entire ship and an entire regiment walks off. How do you handle this?
Shout at the regiment to either come back or face jail time in the brig until the mando is over. Report to their assigned fleet and make sure that they are all punished.

3. A regiment disobeys your orders on a mission(planetary) and claims they followed a different persons orders. the person they claim to have listened to is not on the server. The actions the regiment took messed up your battle plan and almost lost the mission objective. What do you do?

Report to their assigned Fleet, or General make sure they understand that we almost lost the mission objective because they decided to defy my orders and propose a punishment such as a mando for the whole regiment or give the people present a regimental strike.
Aug 13, 2019
From what I saw of you as a Marshal Commander I can tell that you are active and dedicated. You did well when given leadership tasks and generally fit well into a leadership role. Keep up the good activity and you will make a good Fleet member. +1
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