IN PROGRESS Skills Reset bugged - 17/07/2019 -

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Mar 24, 2018
For this i cannot follow the guide as Xirii has put as its impossible for me to do so.

Anyway, i was online from the 16th July through the night into the 17th and i had made 1.2 million in 3 hours, anyway i switched job to be a city worker to get money and exp instead of standing at the red sushi machine for another 3 hours. i wanted to reset my skills and put into speed so i could get from job to job quicker. So I clicked reset as it said it costs 100k, once i had clicked it i had realised it took all my cash from me after the hours and hours of earning it.

my only proof is for a staff member who can spawn money for test purposes. (i will edit and put my steam ID in when i come back online)

i really hope i can get my money back as it took me hours.

For everyone else who may read this, please dont reset skills until this is fixed and re-tested.
Not open for further replies.