Shadow company rework, new models, new stun gun and more!

As some of you are aware, during this update we pulled representatives from each regiments in and involved them a lot more.

We have several new models with new looks for ARC, SC and CG

Shadow company have finally been reworked into an 8 person squad and are now able to send invites to anyone

We now have an addon which lets us spawn droids using droppods instead of the npc spawner tool

We finally have a new stun gun

Added Pistols to most jobs.
WP exfiltrator now has stun grenades
WP now has a universal gun

Heavys now have Squadshields, and a pistol
SGT+ now has impact grenades

Jet-trooper now has an a280 and impact grenades
Jesse and Fives are now arc troopers

Revamp with new System and Models
Shadow now has a hidden blade
Several more changes for those within shadow

212th now has SNR jobs for their specializations, which have higher payroll, higher health and access to more vehicles
SNR jobs and EXO now have a fusion cutter

New stun guns
New models
New weapons

CBG now have access to smoke grenades

New models
Weapon changes
More for arc to discover

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