ACCEPTED Sebastion/Tracers Staff App 2

Jan 15, 2019
General Info

In-Game Name: CG E TEXO Tracer

Discord Name And Hashtag: ThatHaloDude#2449

Preferred name: Mercy as thats what everyone knows me as.

Age (Must Be 16+, You May Be Asked To Provide ID): 21

Timezone: BST


How Many Regiments Are You Currently Active Within: 3, CG, Jedi and RC

How Long Do You Play During The Weekdays (In Hours): about 5-6 hours

How Long Do You Play During The Week End (Per Day): about 7 hours

Previous Punishments:

We Will Be Checking These So Do Not Lie.

Have You Recieved Any Previous Punishments On the SWRP Server: on the old warn system yes i did for ARDM and RDM (but have since been wiped)

Have Your Recieved Any Previous Punishments On Any DC Server: yes as stated above.

About you:

In Your Own Words, What Makes You Stand Out From Other Applications: i am a very Determined person, once i set my mind to the job/task, i will not stop until i have completed that task/job.

In Your Own Words, What Would You Bring To Our Staff Team: i would bring a determined, mature and responsible person.

Tell us about you:

Choose ONE Personallity To Describe Yourself And Why: dedicated as once i set my mind to something i won’t stop until i see it through.

Breifly, Why Should We Accept You In The Staff Team: i believe you should accept me as i have experience, I’m a quick learner so i can easily learn what i would need to do.


Have You Ever Been A Staff Member On A SWRP Server: yes

If Yes, What Were Your Duties: i was/have been a Server manager and a super admin to ensure everything worked and that players were following the rules.

Have You Ever Been Staff On A GMOD Server: yes

If Yes, State What Server Genre (e.g HL2RP, DarkRP) And What Were Your Duties: StarWarsRP and HL2 PvP maintaining the operation of the server and making sure everyone knew what they were doing and helping other staff members.

Have You Ever Been Staff On Other Servers/Communities: yes

If Yes, What Were Your Duties: ensure all rules were being followed, sorting issues with in the community and its members and being a staff manager making sure each staff member was doing what they should be doing.


A Player has Claimed That A Bounty Hunter Has Killed Them For No Reason, What Would You Do:

How i would handle this is go to place away to a secluded places ie top of venator or somewhere (depends on what map it was on).

Tp both players to me i would like ask for the player to say what happened i would ask if he saw a message saying “you were killed by a hitman”, if he said yes i would explain if you are killed by a hitman and you see that message it means there was a hit places on you so he is allowed to kill him.

However if there was no message i would first ask the BH why he killed this player depending on his answer i would first check his warns to see if he had been warn for the exact reason before if he had not. i would issue a tier 1 warning, but if he had been warned before for the same reason a tier 2 would be issued.

You Are Playing On The Server With Your Friends, One Of Them Goes AFK In MHB As An RC, What Would You Do:

I would force job him from RC to Cadet, then respawn him so he respawns in the cadet spawn point(CTR) i would then go about my normal duties until he comes back and i see him change jobs, i would then tp to him and inform that if he needs to go AFK, he must switch to cadet or else it counts as money/ex farming and is a warnable offence.

A 212th Commander Has Spawned A NBT Bomber On Top Of Players And Has Crushed Them To Death, What Would You Do:

TP the 212th commander ask him what happened, then ask if he adverted that he was about to spawn a LAAT and to stand back, if he did and the players got crushed thats not the commanders fault as they weren’t paying attention.

If the commander didn’t advert about spawning a LAAT and to stand back, i would check warns for the commander and see if he had received a previous warn for the same reason, then i would issue a Tier 2 warn but if it was the first time a tier 1 warn would be issued.


Do You Understand That Your Application May Not Be Successful And That Asking About Your Application May Result With Instant Denial: i understand


Staff member
Server Staff
Apr 30, 2019
Your application looks good, and you have the right mindset, but you can be a little bit mingy sometimes, other than that, your a good +1 , you just need to be careful with how you act.