Rule Changes 10/02/16

Hi Guys,
Just to let you all know we have revised the rules surrounding AFK-ing as certain jobs.

Basically with the introduction of the Banking/Bank Robbing system people have been abusing how it rewards those in government positions.

So we will now demote/warn/ban anyone who is:
  • AFK-ing as CP, SWAT, CP Chief, SWAT Recon, Mayor or any other 'Government' position.
  • AFK-ing as a Banker or Basing as a banker/not working in the bank.*
*You may own a house, but most of your time must be spent at the bank. You may also belong to a base, so you can store/access your printers. You cannot defend it and visits must not exceed 5 minutes.

We are also going to be a lot more vigilant on announcing raids. It is your choice to announce the start of the raid, but you must announce using /advert when you have given up or ended the raid. You do not need to use /advert for carjackings or otherwise.

Remember! FearRP doesn't exist on this server, if you don't want to be carjacked, just drive away. Like a normal person.