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Feb 6, 2018
Hey everyone, i recently rejoined the server after a hiatus for a while and noticed that the rules look like they're straight from CivilGamers, and i've heard a lot of long time players complain about these, i get that this is an attempt to bring in new players which i must admit, is successful, however its attracting the wrong kinds of players, and driving away the people who are actually trying to play properly, so i thought i would make a forum post about it.

so the terror rule previously was 5 kills on government for 5 minutes, and now its 25 of ANY job for 7 minutes, now i agree that the terror should be more suited to well... a terror event, i think 25 kills (and spawn camping) is a bit severe.

Possible Change
it should be met on a middle ground, say 15 people (any job, no spawn camp).

Base Rules
the base rules previously were favoured in the defender, but at least there was a chance for the attacker, now there is literally 0 point in raiding anyone who has played more than 2 days as their base will be a maze consisting of about 40 windy paths to get to the first fading door, c'mon what happened where you guys thought this would be a good idea?

Possible Change
i don't even know what to suggest to make this better cause bases pretty much don't have rules lmao, just the way it was before i guess? maybe mazes limited to 4x7, no blackout, clear vision etc

Macro in Casino
i don't even know what to say here, free money and lots of it.

kidnapping rules
so yesterday there was 5 cultists on, all constantly kidnapping people who were afk, people off the streets in front of 10 other people, people in the casino, whoever they could get their hands on, chances are they would kidnap them.

My Suggestion
my suggestion is a 30 min cool down in general, hour cool down per player (so the same person isn't constantly kidnapped), no kidnapping on public streets if there are more than 2 witnesses, no kidnapping AFK players.

Thanks for taking the time to read, any other suggestions or alternates to what i've said please leave them in the comments, i'm interested in what everyone's thoughts are on these new rules.
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