Republic Bounty Hunter job.


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Oct 31, 2019
This is only a small change but could have a nice impact. so all this is, is to add some Mandalorian models to the bounty hunter job (link to them at the bottom of the post).
with this it would allow some more rp to be involved so people can rp as Mandalorian bounty hunters it would also mean its harder for them to get onto the base/ship as they are not republic which could add some more rp into the mix. Along side this the Mandalorian bounty hunters could form there own factions/clans and work together on bounty's and assist each other again adding some more rp with this.

On a side not the job will still keep the clone model as people may not want to be Mandalorian as bounty hunters this would also mean brining in one or two more rules about the job.

With the model pack there is quite a variety of different and interesting models with some being able to be customised more and most of them would probably be added to the job except for the boba fett model.

i would like to here what the community has to say about this before it is changed as it is a payed job so let me know what you think.

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