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Mar 2, 2017
Germany or Portugal
In-game name: Death
Type of suggestion(addon, bug, model, script): Event
Reason for suggestion: Many people get bored of PVE events, purely due to the bad AI and no actual use of tactics. Therefore I suggest the influence of more PVP type of events. Such as going to a map with multiple bases and assign a regiment to each bunker, or plain CTF, hold the objective. Gamemodes can be influenced and found easily. Same goes for teams. You can always do Attacker regiments vs Defense regiments, where the attackers need to penetrate a bunker and destroy/capture something. It would probably take between 1 hour and 2, however players would have a good amount of fun considering the higher challenge. It just requires preparation from Staff and all the COs.
- Unique way to spend time
- Actual use of tactics
- Different objectives besides go to point a and kill droids
- Innovative
- High preparation
- Some basic rules needed
- A good amount of staff to be referee
Link to suggestion if it has one:
Myself, I can easily detail the event ideas a bit more if needed.
HAve fun!
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Oct 27, 2018
They would be classed as a regiment or be split up and lead the teams/squads. Depends on the gamemode obviously.
ok cause one team with jedi and one team with none isnt that great. but on the other had on the server the jedi are more valuable defensively due to hitboxes and movement limitations.