Purchased Role/ Passive RP Rules.

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Sep 23, 2018
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Breaking any of these rules may result in either a package strike or package removal as determined by the Super Staff Team.

These rules may change over time, therefore a regular read-up on these rules is advised.

  • Don’t spam soundsweps
  • No equipment abuse
  • Don't abuse skiffs (no skiffs on ship etc)
  • Don't randomly punch people
  • Don’t become hostile/rogue without senior staff approval
  • Normal server rules apply (NLR, RDM, etc.)
  • Do not Create your own ranks within Jawa
  • Do not abuse either weapons of the wookie (e.g using the explosive bow to knock players around).
  • Do not spam Soundsweps.
  • Do not grapple without permission Like a normal trooper.
  • If you are gonna RP as a Wookie, then RP properly (Don’t come onto the base just to kill people as if you're an angry wookie, the republic are friends with the wookie so this would just be RDM).
  • Don’t become Hostile/Rogue without a Senior Admins Permission.
  • Follow normal server rules (NLR, RDM etc).
  • Use the Wookie job for the correct maps in events (For example a wookie lives on Kashyyyk however would not live on Mustafar).
  • Do not Create your own ranks within Wookie (e.g Wookie sergeant), However In RP ranks such as Wookie Chief are allowed.
  • CIS Wookies are non existant so do not become one.

  • PassiveRP ONLY - No murder, framing for murder etc.
  • Normal Server rules still apply.
  • Don’t spam soundgun.
  • Weapons are not allowed to be used.
  • Droids are not sentient beings, therefore you must RP accordingly (Unless granted by Senior Staff or higher).
  • Rogue Droids or Spy Droids must be granted by Senior Staff or higher.
  • Lore Characters (R2-D2, C3-PO) may only be used if granted by Senior Staff or higher.

  • Request access to restricted areas.
  • RP as you are fixing required things.
  • No Rogue RP without Senior Permission.
  • Normal server rules apply (NLR, RDM etc)
  • No weapons are to be used with this role.
  • Work with regimental engineers, however they take priority during situations like a base attack.

Bounty Hunter:
  • Normal server rules still apply (No RDM, only kill your targets etc).
  • You may work within groups of other Bounty Hunters as a team to complete a Hit. However you must advert (Hit Assist).
  • You must advert the hit (Accepted hit, Failed hit and completed hit).
  • No Bounty Hunters during events, sims, debriefs or trainings.
  • Bounty Hunters cannot have ranks.
  • If you have a hit on somone and they go AFK you may proceed and kill them however you must accept the hit first.
  • Let it RP out if you're caught on your hit.
  • RP Rules still apply. CG will arrest you if you are seen doing a hit.
  • Do not take hits on Drill Sergeants when they are training cadets.
  • Do not take hits on Jedi Younglings
  • When on the Venator/base, you are a guest of the republic, you hold no rank but those in charge can still order you about.
  • Remember, this is an RP role. Keep to the character.
  • Be smart on your hits, try not to open fire in public. try to actually RP as this role instead of just popping people and then dying.
  • Fleet and Gens have clearance to remove bounty hunters from the base at any time. If this happens, sneak in and get your bounty.
  • Do NOT accept repeating bounties, try to leave at least 10 Minutes before accepting a bounty on someone you just killed
  • If you get shot by someone who appears to be defending the target you are allowed to kill them if that helps you complete the hit. This means you can only shoot if that person is already shooting you, you cannot kill someone who isn't shooting at you without a valid RP reason.
  • You cannot grab equipment from any location, you have to use your designated kit you may however change skins by stealing simple clone armour however do not take a known clones armour (Commander Rex's Armour etc)
  • You can use vehicles to complete your hit, but it is reccomended to both break into them and hotwire them using RP, e.g "places sword into hatch and forces open", "slits wires open and begins to hotwire ship".
Massif Rules
  • Normal server rules still apply
  • Do not bite Players without a valid reason.
  • Massifs cannot speak any languages unless in OOC.
  • Do not spam the right click on the bite SWEP.
  • A Massif must always wait at least 5 seconds between bites.
  • You may be tamed by CG and be their service dog, however all these rules still apply.
  • You must only be on the Venator if escorted by a CG.
  • Do not become hostile/rogue inside the base unless given permissions by Senior+. Outside of the base however, you may be hostile without asking for permissions.
  • If playing in an event you must stay with your assigned CG unless given orders to attack or search.
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