REDUCED Pls unban

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Steam Profile:
Date: 6/12/18.
Length: 1 week
Reason: "Blowingup printers to start fire around the map and youre crew pol".
Admin who banned me: (DC Greve) Greve.
Why should I be unbanned:

I think I am a good RP player but I didn't realy know the rules (all of them) so I wanted to make fire around poles so no one will capture it.
I think I should be unbanned and never do it again.
In addition I am playing for a while and I know most of the rules so that means I need to go over the rules again.

Hope you enjoy reading my dumb mistake :D
Mar 2, 2017
Germany or Portugal
By closing the motd you accept and a knowledge all the rules. You decided to cause a fire which can kill players, cause lag and be a way to farm money/exp. Now Id love to ask the reason you started the fire and the exact location, before proceeding to judge you.

NOTE: Im no longer a staff member within DC, merely an observer, however im trying to make life easier for other staff when they review your appeal.
Not open for further replies.