Phasma's Transfer from Shadow Company to 41st

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Jan 19, 2019
Basic Information
In-Game Name: Shadow T CPT 1862 Phasma
Discord Name: Phasma
Steam Profile:
Current Regiment and Rank: Shadow Company, T CPT
Regiment you want to transfer to: 41st
Date of last transfer:March 1st 2019
Transferal Information
Why do you want to transfer regiment: I have fulfilled my endeavour to assist SC through the rough times, leaving capable troopers to take the CO and EXO spots.I have watched over SC during my LOA through Discord, and to my best of knowledge, it didn't all fall apart like it would have when I first joined.
How long have you been on the current regiment: 2 Months
Your current SWRP experience: Former CG Commander, RC SGT, SC Stalker and Jedi Consular.
Regiment you plan to transfer experience*: I am an Shadow Company Stalker, witch is an sub-role with-in Shadow that proritieses in long range combat to get a scope on the field to relay back to the other SC troopers.
Did your XO / CO approve you: Yes
Do you accept the terms stated above and the ones the General's add: I am certainly sure that I have correctly followed the terms required to make this transfer. For the General's terms, we spoke.
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