REJECTED Peter's Fleet Application

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May 10, 2018
Basic Info
  • Name: Peter
  • Regiment: CG/Jedi
  • Current Rank: CPL/Master
  • Age: 14
  • Playtime: a lot I think over the 300+ hours in total
OOC Information
  • Do you have a microphone: Yes
  • Quick Summary about you: Hey my name is Dani I'm a 14 year old boy that lives in The Netherlands. I play many games and one of my favorite is star wars rp. My hobby's are playing soccer and going to the gym. I have gone trough alot on this server I have been CG EXO/Fleet Sub LT and in the jedi I made it to Shaak Ti.
  • Are you currently Staff on any DC related server: no
IC Information
  • Why should we pick you for Fleet : You should pick me because I'm a active person that has experience with being fleet. In the month june to august I was fleet on the server. I made it to Sub Lt and i quitted because I didnt have enough time. I will be a strict fleet when needed and im not scared to punish people. I have experience with giving mando's and trainings.
  • Describe Roles and Responsibilities of Fleet: A fleet should be good at leading troopers. He is the most important person on the base/ship. A fleet member has a lot of responsibillities like dont minge and act professional. The fleet needs to give mando's when needed and keep the troopers safe!
  • Have you ever been demoted / kicked / banned, if yes why: no
  • Do you understand Fleet is a very respectable and disciplined rank: Yes I do
  • Any Commanding situations: I was EXO of CG/Shaak Ti. Also am I master and have to lead the jedi's
  • What can you offer for the Fleet: can offer a professional fleet member that is active on the server that already has some fleet experience and enjoy's playing swrp!
  • Anything else: Yes, people can change and so can I. Maybe I dont have the best history with some people but i changed.
Not open for further replies.