Patch notes 06/12/2020

This update was quite big, in many terms.

We now have access to an event server.

Equipment revamp! (we still have several pieces of equipment to give out including but not limited to: Snipers, Rocket launchers, squad shields, barc speeders etc. Contact me about what interests you for your regiment)

Billys keypads and keycards (a completely fresh keycard system with 4 levels, reflecting on what rank you are, giving you access to specific doors and other places)

Subregiments were merged with core giving more importance to specialisations. (Use your specialisation during combat and your normal equipment while you are guarding/being on base without hostiles)

Re-added some old models for event jobs (Ventress, jedi hunter, etc)

104th now is turned into Wolfpack, they also have a new specilisation

There is now only 1 CO and 1 EXO

212th now have a pilot and a tanker specilisation

There is more but come find it out yourself :3