(OLD) [Job Guide] Bus Driver

Jul 1, 2018
This guide is outdated since the SligWolf Bus Models were removed, however it can stay if they ever return.
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No introduction needed.

{RouteID} - {Route Name}:
You don't have to use these, it's just what I normally use.

No target map:
[__] - ! ! NOT IN SERVICE ! !​
Used if you are either full or heading to the start of a route.​
[__] - Driver under instruction​
Used if there is a training session in progress.​
Also means that they make unexpected stops as part of their training.​
(Unofficial training, but helpful in terms of the job and attitude when they are no longer on training.)​

Downtown (D{code}|{code}):
1 - Downtown North​
2 - Downtown South​
3 - Downtown (Circular)​
3 - City Circular​
Sometimes used due to character limits​
[⛏] Miners' Shuttle​
From downtown centre to the mine (Car Dealer / West Subway Entrance) and back.​

Evocity (E{code}|{code}):
1( - Military Base via (Suburbs / Outskirts)​
1) - City Centre via (Suburbs / Outskirts)​
( - means you are on the first half of the route​
) - means you are on the second half of the route​
Players may not understand this (or even care for that matter), but in sense of RP it would signify 'a change of plans'.​
2 - EvoCircular​

Common Tags:
You can add these onto the end of any route, just be aware of the route length.
[/y STOP] - Used to let passengers know that they can yell "STOP".​
[FREE] - Passengers can ride for free.​
[FULL] - Quick tag to say that the bus is full. Not sure about this one.
Possible stops (in no particular order):
Some are based on the region flags, others are determined by my personal opinion.

The Fountain
Gas Station (New Town)
Spawn | near Beach
The Beach
Central Park
Power Station
Subway Station(s)
South Station (by The Court region flag)
West Station (unsure how to describe this one)

Evocity Sunshine:
Here I've listed all the region flags that I could find and any extra 'significant' landmarks in each of the regions (if any).
The Outskirts
The Hotel
The Fountain / The NeXuS
The Marketplace
Gas Station (The Suburbs)
The Lake (The Suburbs)
The Suburbs
Central Park
(Outside) The Mine Entrance
Dangerous Stop, usually speeding vehicles or police checkpoint if players are high in numbers.

Default Keys:
W - Forward​
A - Left​
S - Reverse/Brake​
L - Right​
R - Horn​
F - Headlights​

1 - Warning (both)​
2 - Left​
3 - Right​

4 - Front​
5 - Middle​
6 - Rear (Bendy bus only)​

External Cameras:
Num1 - Front Left​
Num2 - Front Middle​
Num3 - Front Right​
Num4 - Back Middle​

7 - Toggle Destination Display​

Chat Command (Driver seat only):

!swbus {RouteID:4} {RouteName:21}
RouteID is a single argument that identifies the route you are driving. Single argument meaning no spaces. The maximum length for this is 4 characters.
RouteName identifies where you intend to finish the route. Spaces are allowed. The maximum length for this is 21 characters.

On rp_evocity_dc (Server 1) you will require nitro. I have not tested them yet, but it is impossible to use the cliff path that leads to the City Jail and Sewers without nitro of any kind.


Some that choose to be a bus driver usually get either of the vehicles and drive around randomly. No designated stops, no planned route alternative taxi service.

Can I make money?
If you want to go through the trouble of getting a tip jar or card reader, sure.

Are there any routes and times for this job?
No, but I (personally) plan to make a spreadsheet for it.

If I want to make an 'interchange' like yours, what can I use to build it?
Anything you like, provided you can get the vehicle in and out of it.
But try to build with as little props as possible, i've hit the prop limit a few times doing that.

Can I make sliding safety doors for when the bus is there [interchange]?
You can provided it doesn't kill anyone when it's completed.
I've tried doing it, but it killed me at least 3 or 4 times during a single session.

Sligwolf's Bus Addon Page
Interchange Builds (Evocity): 1, 2, 3, 4

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