[Old] CrewConflict RP - Making meth

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Feb 17, 2018
Making meth in one of the best ways to make xp and decent cash on the server , heres how you do it .

STEP 1 :
First thing you need to do it become a meth cook . To do this press F4 -> Jobs -> And become a meth cook .

STEP 2 :
The next step is to find a place to base , and buy your self a stove and 2 gas canisters from the f4 menu . Place both gas canisters like in the picture . They are used to fuel your stove .

STEP 3 : The next step is to buy a a pot , Liquid Sulfor and Muriatic Acid from the f4 menu also . Your your physics gun to drag both items into the pot .

STEP 4: Now that your pot is ready , place it on the stove . While its cooking you can do step 5 to speed things up .

STEP 5: For this step buy a Jar , Muriatic Acid , Liquid Iodine and Water from the f4 menu , once again add them all into the jar , then use your physics gun to shake it .

STEP 6: Once your pot is cooked and your jar is shaken , press E on them . They will give you Red Phosphorus and Crystallized Iodine . Buy yourself two special pot from the f4 menu and add those into it .

STEP 7: Now place your special on the stove again , if your low on fuel press E on the gas canisters . Once the meth is done cooking Press E on it and press E on your meth rocks .

STEP 8: Final step .. Selling your meth ( This will make you wanted so be ready to run from the cops ) . Head to the car dealer on S1 and fountain on S2 ) You will see the meth addict , press E on him and your done !

STEP 9 : Repeat and make loads of money ! Good luck and have fun
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