ACCEPTED Nope's Fleet Application.

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Aug 4, 2018
Basic Info
  • Trooper Name: CT 4238 Nope.
  • Regiment: I am currently a Clone Trooper.
  • Current Rank: I'm a CT however I have lots of experience leading such as a 212th CPT, ARC LT, Jedi Commander and also a Fleet Sub LT, all roles which require leadership.
  • Age: 14 (Yes, may seem like I'm 6, but I'm not.)
  • Playtime: 266h if I add up all my accounts.
OOC Information
  • Do you have a microphone: Yes I do.
  • Quick Summary about you: I'm 14 years old and I've been playing on Drew's since last august and ever since I joined I've had my ups and downs but overall had a very enjoyable experience. I'm aspiring to become a pilot someday and that was a very large reason of me joining 212th back in the day.
  • Are you currently Staff on any DC related server: No I am not.
IC Information
  • In your own words why you think you should become Fleet : I feel like I should become fleet as I believe that I can do well working as leadership and can work around the barriers placed by things like my voice and I aspire to become someone that people relate to on more than just a level as a trooper. I've also been fleet before so I'm used to what they do and I feel like this time I'll be able to be far more dedicated as school isn't a worry anymore as I have summer holidays and no more examinations.
  • Describe in your own opinion the roles and jobs of fleet (Try to add more than just "Granting and Denying"): Fleet have various different roles around the ship and on missions. These include: Ensuring reg's are running at optimum levels, assisting with queries about anything related to RP, leading in events by providing orders when OD and when not OD still assisting by informing who may be OD about the best course of action. Fleet also have to host debriefs to give troopers an idea of what they need to be doing when they go on a mission and also to tell the troopers when they need to improve upon something, however gratitude should be given when necessary. They also ensure the ship is running successfully and need to be able to complete things on the spot e.g if the ship should be evacuated or not.
  • Have you ever been demoted / kicked / banned, if yes why: I've only failed a trial for the CPT role in ARC.
  • Do you understand the importance and rank/role of Fleet and you are prepared to take this responsibility: I am 100% prepared to bear the responsibility and general maturity required for fleet.
  • Any Commanding or Leading Experiences, If yes please state: My various roles leading either Jedi, being fleet, or leading troops.
  • What can you offer for the Fleet: I can offer an advanced skill set and someone who can create a good image about what fleet should ideally be.
  • Anything else: I thank you for reading through this.
May 28, 2019
Very friendly, lead me great when he was still a jedi (was sad to see him go), experienced and really loves the server,
all of those great things that I listed above just ensure his gonna be a great fleet. big +1


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Server Staff
Sep 1, 2018
Pretty good as fleet in the past, however haven't seen you on the server in a while so +/- until I personally see more activity. (I may just be blind and inactive myself)


Jan 3, 2019

You were a good fleet, i'll give you that. However you recently left the server, and then came back not long after. Since you've applied for fleet, i haven't really seen you on the server (Correct me if i am wrong). How can we be sure that you're fully "back" and that you are going to be active again, like you used to be. Therefor i suggest that you spend more time on the server, from this point onwards. To prove to us that you can be an active fleet member. So for now i am giving you this, my opinion might be changed, if you prove to us that you can be active.

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