Noot's Transfer from 501st to 104th

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Apr 30, 2019
In-game name: 501st Torrent SSG Noot
Discord Name: NOOT NOOT#5237
Steam Profile:
Current Regiment and Rank: 501st Staff Seargent
Regiment I want to transfer to: 104th
Date of last transfer: Never
I want to transfer regiment because of all the stuff that has happened recently, I need to get away from the Offensive Reg's and Medic for now.
I have been on my current Regiment for 11 days.
My current SWRP experience has been very good, i've had some fun times with the 501st, I will miss them but I would rather be in the 104th.
I have had Frood (Appo) who is an EXO of Torrent Company permission to transfer and also Jack who is the LGN EXO
Yes I accept the terms stated above and the ones the generals added.
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